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So far…..

May 8, 2008

5th May 2008 (Monday) 3.30pm

Called Cikgu Roslan, several issues were highlighted:-

1.Payment which was made by MCOBA to Ipoh Fire and Rescue Dept for the current sharks to take Bronze Medallion

Remark: No payment received from their end. Turns out that they waited for the instructor – Mr Azmi – by the pool on the agreed date but he never showed up. No call and no follow up from either College Admin or from the Fire and Rescue Dept after that. Managed to get Mr Azmi’s contact number but no answer upon calling him. Will call again and update here.

I was also informed by Cikgu Roslan regarding the bronze medallion payment – to be noted that costs to be absorbed are (1)the training , (2)the test itself. So my wild guess is that there may be a ‘slight’ misunderstanding on that part…hopefully not.

2.Contacted Faiz. Will have an update on his side on this matter. Managed to get faiz on ym, sadly couldnt receive the file. Looks like will have to wait for that file to appear in my gmail inbox….

For those who received my sms blast promoting this blog please do so forward the sms to other sharks. The more the merrier.

Oh yeah, plans to visit Kuala might be postponed. Not sure when since I need to finish my ground work here before heading to Kuala. If anyone feels that they can pay the current sharks a visit before i do by all means go ahead and do so.

OK, here are current members (currently in my contactable contacts) with their current location

1. Faiz 8791(KL)

2. Fadly 9498 (Shah Alam)

3. Isman 9498 (Penang)

4. Acad 9498 (Shah Alam)

5. Daniel 9701 (Shah Alam)

6. Azrul (not sure which batch and ur location – sorry bro!)

7. Pian 9600 (KL?or was it Damansara?)

8. Judin 9498 (Shah Alam)

Updates will be posted here once I get the list from Faiz.

Plus !

Anyone who wants to plan a TT or swimming session (larat ke?) are welcomed to post here. If you guys happen to come across any sports outlet please check if they sell waterpolo balls and whats the price like. Anything else….wait for the next update eh…..

Just my 2 cents

DIn 9498


Welcome to the MC Sharks Waterpolo Official Blog

May 2, 2008

Yes, finally I have managed to update this blog after being occupied for quite some time. This site is dedicated for the current and ex-MC Sharks. For those who want to register to this blog (in order to add your comment) please contact me (Huddin) or Fadly. Also, a friendly reminder to those who posts into this blog please leave your nickname and batch. Eg “GIant 9498”. Your comment(s) are very much welcomed as we progress to create a better Shark.

OK, all that aside. Now to the news.

Saturday 19/4/2008

10.00 am MCKK Pool

The MCOBA OBW 2008. The fusion of the Not-So-Old Boys versus the Present Boys – As expected, the old boys won the game with a close 8 to 7 score. Congrats to the old boys who scored and put the present boys to shame. Ha ha ha… (But that is about to change in the near future….so dont be too excited). Tough luck for the present boys though, they only managed to score 7 goals which was easily avoidable if it wasn’t for the slippery hands and decreased skills from the OBs.

So it was then that we met Haziq, batch 0509. He reminded me of myself during college days, where we were hardcore into waterpolo but no one to shine some light into our path. So present boys, this blog is also dedicated to you guys. That being said, i can already see the Perak Champs for 2009……~~~

As for the OBs, especially from batch 9498 were really excited – celebrating 10 Years anniversary, plus winning the game – what an awesome weekend! (speaking on my behalf as well).

Thursday 24/4/2008

AnW KLCC outlet 5.30pm

Met Faiz Hussein (Batch 91) – where we drafted out the plan to do the same thing he did 11 years ago – only this time Faiz will be watching this project progress and munch on GSC’s finest caramel Pop Corns and allow me to lead this project. That being said, I hope for your continuous support, be it moral, physical, spiritual or even financially…(ooppss…..should not say the F word).

Matters discussed are as follows:-

1. Contact Cikgu Roslan

Certain issues such as the bronze medallion and pool accessibility to be discussed. Tried caling him but no answer. Will call again and update in this blog.

2.Prepare a budget (1 Year)

This not been done yet. Will revert back in this blog once done. Equipments such as waterpolo balls to be bought, not to mention budget for trips to friendly matches, etc.

3.Develop training module

Haven’t received the modules yet. Yet to contact Faiz to email the handouts.Those will be looked into and might be improvised if necessary.

4.Create YahooGroups / Forum

To create a new communication centre for all MC Sharks. Well, this is the blog. So please feel free to register here and participate.

5.Progressive Report

Report will include time record for each MC Shark (present boys only). Also included – every swimming style (freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly) and other waterpolo skills (dribbling, floating etc)

6.List of all members

Will be receiving from Faiz soon. As soon as I get them I’ll start haunting the rest of the crew.Also will be creating a database of all members and current locations for future use.

7.Get the latest waterpolo game rules

Yup…havent got those yet.

8.Request video from RTM

Sorry this is not an xxx movie that we’re going to get… but a copy of the international Waterpolo games (Olympics or Asean).

Seemed quite little to be discussed, but a lot of work to be done.

Thursday 24/4/2008

Restoran Al Rafi section 13 Shah Alam 9.00pm

Here I met with Judin 9498, Fadly 9498, and Daniel 9701. Of course the meeting started with laughters and memory recollection. But serious matters discussed were …

1. To get representatives from each batch.

The respective rep will collect $$ from their batch members. The fund will be used for any OB who will be going down to Kuala as travelling expenses. List of reps will be posted here soon.

2. Balls

Sadly, the present boys only had 1 ball (yeah the blue and yellow colored ball we used during OBW 2008). Not to worry, that will be resolved as well.

As a temporary measure, we may need to collect RM10 from each member to buy a few balls until the budget is released. Here I humbly request for your generosity and if possible please contribute more, as balls are quite costly compared to the olden days.

3. Diet

This may be a little extreme, but will be really helpful. We need the physical size if we’re going to compete against ACS or VI.

4. To organize friendly match with ACS or VI.

Daniel 9701 has agreed to arrange with ACS. I will source to have a friendly match with VI.

5. Training shcedule

We may need to change the training pattern if we’re planning to be Perak Champs. Got new ideas on training modules and suggested intensity. Either way this will be added into the training module from Faiz.


That was a long post. Guys if you need access please contact me asap!. We’re going to make this happen….the White Shark Project (havent came up with a constructive name yet. Please feel free to post as well).

Just my 2 cents

Din 9498