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June 8, 2008

Managed to meet Haziq 0509, got him to do some errands for us from his side.

1.Get dates for MSSPK and Perak Open for next year. If there’s still time for Perak Open this year maybe we’ll give it a shot.

2.Deal directly with Cikgu Roslan. Since the problem started with a “very cooperating” teacher I told him to go directly to Cikgu Roslan who is also their PKHEM. The fact that Cikgu Roslan dealed with Faiz before and currently dealing with me would give Haziq a good opportunity to hustle things and what not.

3.Get balls. Collect cash from the current waterpolo guys. I haven’t actually found a cheap place to get them but when I do I’ll post it here for donations.

4.Recruit the juniors. Don’t really now how he’s going to do it since they don’t have the freedom as we used to have to visit junior classrooms. Anyways I’m sure there are corners you can cut. Right?

That’s all till now. WIll receive module from Mr Azmi in 2 days time. Haven’t called Faiz yet regarding the training module and list of contacts. Just added Danial 9701 to the blogroll.





  1. hi ya peeps…
    still asking around from people i know about where to get the balls…
    most of them are like us… old time players and the places they used to purchase the balls no longer exists….

    but all around it seems that we might have to order in bulk and then maybe some shop owners will be willing to put in the order for us…

    worst case scenario we’ll just order a bunch of the balls from abroad

    i hope we can get this moving by JULY guys….
    yes the recent price hikes might have affected our willingness to contribute to this project esp financially…but i would like to ask members of 98 team (perhaps leaders from other batches) to sponsor at least on ball each…

    one could not be more than RM150 i would think…
    do not think of the money….
    think of how much fun we’ve had with so many balls we had during our time…

    huddin has posted his account number…
    or we will haunt you… word!!!

  2. uhhh…..i got 1 bad news and 1 good news….

    bad news is i just got robbed…lost my cellphone and my wallet…spent a good portion of the day at the police station 😦
    definitely a setback for me since now i have to shop for a new wallet and cellphone .. *cries*

    good news is i finally got thru to 2 dealers thanks to some friends…so the price of 1 mikasa men’s water polo ball is about RM75…

    trying to get a deal on bulk purchases… (am thinking a dozen of em should be enough)..
    will keep you guys and our project leader huddin updated…

    so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact huddin or me to contribute… 9498.. if you could sponsor a ball each that would be awesome….planning to buy them by early july….so set aside a small part of your next paycheck for this guys…

    i will try and scrape some cash and do my part despite of what happened to me today…
    hopefully i don’t have to hustle for money…. hahah…

    later, peeps

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