KK trip – Thursday 12th June 2008

June 14, 2008

OB : Huddin 9498

Objective : To meet the guys personally and have at least one training session

Report :

Left KL at about 8.30 am. Reached Kuala Kangsar at 1pm. Took me quite long as I stopped at several RnRs for food and toilet breaks. First thing I did when I reached KK – lunch at YL. Afterwards, a short nap at the mosque (I got really tired from the trip and couldn’t sleep the night before I left), and I was already at the pool by 4.30 pm. Got the keys to the pool from the guard at the main gate entrance.

Attendance were 4 F4s and 5 F3s. Those who couldn’t make it had other sports to commit to.

Started training with jeda – 10 laps. None could survive after 4 laps without having a breather.

Next was floating – float in the middle, jump to the left, then jump to the right, repeat and later sprint to the other end of the pool. DId that twice

Pass and shoot practice. Everyone lines up in the middle of the pool – pass the ball to 2nd person, and sprint to the penalty line. Upon reaching line, shout for the ball and shoot.

Realizing that they lack severely in training, after each practice I had to brief them properly regarding swimming techniques, passing and sprinting. Plus, there was no point to force them through since they would eventually get more and more tired and couldn’t pay attention to what I was trying to say to them.

Got out of the pool, got everyone’s phone number and favourite waterpolo position. Chit chat for a while and by 6.15 we ended the training and told them to have a meeting later during prep hours.

Later, Cikgu Roslan came to the pool and told me more updates from HM, PIBG and even the Education Ministry.

1. Yuran Kolam Renang (yeah remember we used to pay for those during our time?) – it seems that the students are not paying the fees anymore since the pool is already a restricted area. So the funds are actually used to repair the pool. Last year alone Koleq spent about RM22k to fix the pool. Now its busted again, and the cost to repair it this time is about RM6k. What I understand about this fact is that our pool is quite antique, and the agent that repairs the pool has to be a pool repair specialist and the nearest one is from Ipoh. Since Koleq is in KK so Koleq had to sub to another company to deal with the pool company from Ipoh. Something to do with procedure – they can’t deal directly if the company is based outside of KK.

2. Education Ministry updates – if the pool is not used might as well close it down and do other stuff. Since the pool is inside Koleq, and Koleq is under the ministry and the ministry does not want any cases to arise due to the unsafe conditions of the pool (no lifeguard). The instruction came from the minstry last year. So this year the guys must have their bronze medallion.

3. PIBG wants the pool to be utilized. Yada yada. Because what’s the point of having a swimming pool if the access is restricted. Good question. Why did no one from the PIBG volunteer for a solution? Look. We have Koleq Admin, PIBG, FnRD and even MCOBA in this matter but nothing is happening to solve these issues.

4. Koleq has some waterpolo balls in their store. Koleq spent some money last year buying them. Haziq 0509 will be in charge of getting the balls out of the store and into the pool.

Prep hours, met the present boys. This time a lot more turned up. Including the F3s. F5s were not around. Their current Captain even laughed at the F4 captain (Haziq) after hearing that they were going for Perak Champ next year. Didn’t have time to meet the F5 Capt but when I do I’ll give him a piece of my mind.

Mostly was getting to know the team. At least they know that there are OBs that care and wants things to move. Only its not moving fast enough. Couldn’t chat long since I was still waiting for Daniel to bank in some cash that night. Lucky I managed to force another friend to transfer some cash, if not I would have stayed there for another day. Thanx Daniel.

The best part is, they only have 2 waterpolo balls. Somebody accidentally left the ball at the pool which I kept to pass it to Haziq later that night. Unfortunately, nobody remembered about the ball later on so now the ball is with me in KL. So they have now 1 waterpolo ball. How sad.

Here is an example of the Bronze medallion training schedule (the one i received from En Azmi FnRD). Its a microsoft word file, so I’m just going to paste it below for your reference.

As you can see, they might need to skip school for 5 days, and according to Cikgu Roslan if it is the most cost effective way then why not. The guys would definitely like it as they get to skip school for a good reason and F4s hardly want to go to class. The fact behind all this is if we were to train them to be really fit for the course then they need at least 1 month of intensive training to be physically fit. That would also mean we need to be there as often as we can since they dont have access – again. Seems very ironic that all solutions will point to this problem. So Faiz suggested that we just get the guys to attend the course (whether they’re fit or not) and get it over with as soon as possible. Having said that, will need to contact Mr Azmi again from the FnRD to draft a letter so that MCOBA can fork out the funds. I have the list of members with me so will get started on that as soon as possible.

Trip Cost

Just another reference for you guys, so that we know the minimum budget if anyone of us were to go and supervise the PBs (present boys).


Jln Duta – Ipoh : RM27.50

Ipoh – Kuala Kangsar : RM3.40

To and fro : RM61.80


I drove my sister’s Myvi 1.3 so the petrol consumption is quite minimal and most of the time the windows are down (smokers paradise). Please note that the Myvi has very good fuel consumption so don’t expect it to be the same as your average car.

Already have about half tank before I left. Topped up another RM30. Filled up another RM20 upon reaching Simpang Pulai or somewhere in Perak. Same thing back to KL.

More or less RM50 for 1 way.

To and fro : RM100


If it was Isman, I would doubt it would be the same. If it was Pian I would doubt he would spend this much either. Posting this just for fun.

Breakfast : Nasi Lemak Kampung style + Teh Tarik : RM3.50

Break : Kopi Jantan : RM1.60

Lunch : Fried Rice + Teh Ais + 2 Chicken Pow + 1 Beef Pow : RM11.40 (Yut Loy)

Drinks while driving :

100 Plus 1 litre bottle (Small one) – 2 bottles : RM4.00

Cigarettes – 2 packs of 14s : RM11.80

Dinner : Nasi Ayam + Kopi Jantan : RM5 (actually can consider as supper since I didn’t have any idea on what to eat. Only ate at 2am – on the way back to KL via PLUS highway)

Banged a biker on the way to KK, costed a side mirror and minor paintjob at the door : RMunknown.

~ Total cost for food is about RM37.30 = RM40.


RM61.80 for toll

RM100 for petrol

RM40 for food, snacks and cigs.


Note : Cost does not include accommodation, misc expenses such as shopping, souvenirs etc. One of the advantages of going alone. You don’t get diverted to other expenses.

So budget accordingly.

Anything else will be updated here soon.

By the way, a big round of applause for Topeq 9701 and Isman 9498 for their contribution this time around. If it wasn’t for them I would be working at a shop in KK or maybe one of the RNRs along the highway. Next OB to be going down would be Judin 9498 and Pian 9600, or anyone else who would like to volunteer.

Just my 2 cents.



  1. i am free to drive up to koleq this coming wednesday and friday. although i don’t think i can afford the cost to do so alone… if someone wants to tag along or sponsor at least half of the costs…let me or huddin know…

  2. the captain laughed? i was reminded of somewhat similar situation we had during or times… it is not impossible to be champ boys and girls…
    present boys have more potential than us back then…
    we only need to open that goddamn pool asap….
    so i guess we need to get them fit for the bronze medallion test…
    the only way to do that is by showing up there and have the pool available for them to train at least once a week…

    i am begging for everyone to contribute during these next few coming weeks… once we get them to lifeguard status… then we won’t have to be there that frequently.. juts need dedicated leaders within their ranks….

    how i wish we can get some kind of sponsor from some generous souls out there….

  3. by the way guys, the costing is from KL to KK. If you wanna add such as from Penang to KK or Kelantan to KK, all comments are welcomed.

    Btw will be going Koleq again this Friday with Pian and Judin. One day trip. Will be back in KL by night. Got to return the waterpolo ball. If not they’d be missing one ball.

    Remind me to buy a wisel before we go. For a moment it seemed awkward shouting about in the pool compound.

  4. Latest : Judin will be contacting Kay 9296 and Kamil 9296. I will start looking for Nizar 9599 who is also the next captain in line after we left.
    (ironically, Nizar’s younger bro – Cikun is actually Pian’s batch. Nvm will sort it out with Pian soon).

    Hands are still full. Will get invoice or letter from FnRD to be passed to MCOBA for further action. Meantime, while the younger guys still need our attention we may need to go to Koleq so that the pool can be accessible for the boys to train themselves.

  5. dude, ko nyer lunch menggerunkan aku aa…dah bantai nasik, pastu bantai plak pau 3 bijik?!?kalo aku la kan: nasik+pau 2.5 bijik jer…

    kah kah kah

    the captain laughed huh? sounds like a chellenge, we love challenges don’t we guys? ha ha… we have a lot of time to shape these guys up. And I do want them to laugh back at that captain when they win the tournament next year. Insya-Allah…

  6. heh…huddin makan byk.. šŸ˜› aku nak try diet sket… dah chubby hehe… nanti dikalahkan present boys lagi… malu jek…

    anyways as huddin said… we love challenges..people used to look down on us also back then… if the present boys got half our spirit back then it is a done deal…mesti champ punya… we know they have more potential than us already….

    speaking of spirits… wheres the rest of us??? riki? acad?? takder contribution ke?
    aku yang baru kena rompak ni pun leh contribute…..come on guys… we need feedbacks and contributions!!!!

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