KK trip – Friday 20th June 2008

June 22, 2008

OB –  Judin 9498, Pian 9600, and me.

Objective – Give the present boys a sneak peak of what our training used to be like during those days when we had six packs and unlimited stamina. Not that we don’t have them, just that we prefer to reserve our true potential as we are the rare species….hahahah…


Pian drove his car this time. Fetched me from Bangsar, later fetched Judin from Shah Alam. Had lunch and left to KK about 1pm. Reached KK around 4pm. Pian had some carpet emergency he couldn’t escape, so had to stop at a carpet shop next to Maybank KK. Had some munchies at Kow Kee since Yut Loy was closed. Opened the pool gate at 5pm.

Attendance were 6 F4s since others had Rugby, pacak tiang, and Sports Day the following day. Their lovely captain had Orchestra finals in KL. With Judin and Pian around we had better ideas for training and development. This time we did some evaluation of everyone’s current physical fitness and skills. Started with Jeda – told them to swim as many laps as they can without having a breather. Some only survived 3 laps. The most was 16 laps. But later we stopped that guy since he was Terengganu swimmer and quickly concluded that this guy could be the one whose going to set new records in next year’s MSSPK. Nvm that, later we did some sprinting. Including Pian and me. Seemed that they have the speed only the techniques were a little off. Stroke, breathing and etc. Had a few breathers, later we did some passing and shooting. Too bad that they were punctured (pancit) most of the time so we gave them a lot of rest in order for them to do the training properly. I know this seemed like pampering them but not to worry. Tomorrow Judin and me are going again to train them and this time no more Mr Nice Guy.

Later we thought them some fun activities in the pool that can help improve their breathing and stamina. For one we did some diving from one end of the pool to another. Later we did some jumping and floating. We ended the session at 615pm. Judin sponsored some drinks, which they were in desperation of. Had a feedback session on that day’s training. Judin and Pian gave their comments of wisdom. Present boys left the pool around 7pm. We left the pool by 8pm.

Had dinner at the train station. Seemed that I did forget all the crazy training we used to do those days. It made me even wonder how we had time to do so many things during games hour which was from 5pm to 630pm. Most of the time we finished at 7pm but by that time the wardens were already standing at the pool gate and staring at us furiously. I even remember those days Ustaz Ishak even punched us in the abs as a token of gratitude for following the games hour time limit.

Later that night had a short meeting at their classroom. Got some of their IC no’s while eating sponsored KFC by Judin, which was the last high calory meal for them. We finished at 1030pm. Told them to prepare for next Monday since we’ll be coming again for training. One guy didn’t show up since he was too tired. Sorry, we were just too excited about all this. We’ll make the training harder next time. Ha ha ha ha….

So much for KK updates. Other updates include as follows.

1. If we have time on Monday (23rd June) Judin and me are going to Ipoh FnRD to meet Mr Azmi personally. Since we’ll be there for 3 days we can have time to train them better plus they don’t have any big days ahead.

2. Will be getting their details for Faiz to fwd to MCOBA. This is to get their funds for the Bronze medallion. Judin suggested that they get their bronze medallion before fasting month since we know that they can’t train during fasting month and school will only start after Hari Raya. That means 2 months of no training plus all the rendang and ketupat will put their stamina way back.

3. Present boys managed to collect RM10 from each member. Will be using that to get more waterpolo balls. Will have the cash on Monday.

4. Pian to get in touch with his batch members to collect funds. As petrol increase this time really hurt our pockets so we might need as much help as we can get. Not to worry, we are doing this only as a temporary measure. Once they have bronze medallion we don’t have to be there as often. The most would be once a month to follow up on their training. For those of you who have contributed : your contribution are very much appreciated. Thank you. Once everything is running don’t be surprised if we are fried during next year’s OBW match. These guys are very talented and have more potential than any of us.

5. Will have a meeting soon with all waterpolo Old Boys. Hope to get more people this time as we are in need of your feedback as well. Wait for my call or sms.

6. A friendly reminder – since we are old boys and we are actually young, please make time to train yourself as well. Take it from me, next year we don’t want to rig the scoreboard as how Lat Shahriman did. If possible I’ll organize a training schedule for us and possibly a place for us to train as well.

Trip Cost


Since this time we drove in a 1.6 Gen-2, the consumption was surprisingly close to a 1.3 Myvi. Also due to Pian’s burning desire to reach there as soon as possible, he decided to drive 160km/h almost all the time. We reached there quite earlier than expected, only we had to stop to buy carpets for his friend which was ultimately important. I told Pian – of all places and all times, you decided to buy carpets here in KK when we are having a time constraint. Whatever….

Back to consumption, i think the Gen-2 actually consumes more due to bigger CC and also automatic transmission. If it were a manual I’d say Pian would go back home with almost half a tank.

Total spent on petrol was actually RM100, but since Pian started with half a tank and refueled later, he actually reached back home with 1 bar of petrol left. So Myvi 1.3 wins…..

Total cost on petrol : RM100.


Shah Alam – Ipoh Selatan : RM26.10 (more or less)

Ipoh – Kuala Kangsar : RM3.40

Federal Highway : RM1.10

To and fro : 61.20

Note : Although enter PLUS highway from Shah Alam was slightly cheaper, but since we had to fetch Judin that came about to the same price. Basically if you’re in KL you’d spend about RM60 – RM65.

Total cost on toll : RM61.20


(based on 1 person expenditure, I didnt keep tabs so this is more or less what I spent)

Had lunch before we left – RM6

Stopped at Kow Kee for pow and mee hailam – RM3 (I had pow)

Dinner at train station – RM5

Drinks on Tapah RnR on the way back to KL – RM3

Cigarettes, drinks for the journey and misc expenses – RM15

Cost does not include sponsored Gatorade and KFC.

Total cost on food : RM35.

~Total overall cost : RM196.20

This time around, a big thanx to Daniel 9701 who sponsored the trip. If you can’t remember him, he’s the Mat Salleh guy we saw during OBW `08.

Will be going to KK tomorrow, so will update again after I get back to KL. Will be driving Judin’s Myvi tomorrow. Departure time would be around noon.

Anything else, just check this blog

Long live the white sharks……….



  1. yepp yepp….
    the present boys look promising….
    although it took them quite a while to gather at the pool…mebbe they were shy…sumer jln melenggang macam mak cik pegi basuh kain kat tepi sungai… tak pun terlebih kontrol macho…hopefully this will change in the future… since training during those hours are limited… soo you really have to be readyto jump in ASAP…
    didn’t get the meet the f3… derang kena tolong buat khemah untuk sports there kut…

    so far everyone who came (either during training or during the meet & greet that night) seems really interested about this project after knowing how important it is…. (for those of you who have YET TO CONTRIBUTE…listen to that sick feeling in your guts that are blaming you for denying the present boys to all the fun we used to have at the pool during our years)…it is not too late to contribute…
    the next two months will be really important for us to show up as often as we could.. as we plan to get them ready to take the test right before puasa starts…if not we would have no choice but to extend and rebuild their stamina after raya … this is due to we have to be really sure that majority of them will pass the lifesaving tests when they actually take it… if not it would be a waste of our money and MCOBA’s fund…
    if we don’t deliver some kids with bronze medallion after using the funds this time… i guess that would be the END of our project… and want to make sure that won’t happen

  2. i almost forgot…the present boys have requested for us to show up during weekends also..that way they will have more time at the pool (mornings and evenings…

    huddin has told me most prob he won’t be able to make it to kk on weekends.. pyan too… most of the time only free on thursdays-saturdays… since i am the only one with the flexible off days… i might actually be able to show up on sundays whenever possible….

    apart from that we need more people who can actually be there to open the pool and let them train…
    guys…please know that we do NOT expect you to lead the training session if you show up there…just walk up to the guardhouse, put yout name down, get the keys to the pool, open it and sit your A** there on the side while they train will be good enough (like the good old day when you were scheduled as the lifeguard on duty)…so please don’t be shy/scared to show up…its only for a few hours….

    for those who cannot contribute your time.. (yes we understand you guys have other commitments)… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTRIBUTE SOME CASH (cannot stress this enough) so people who are willing to contribute can actually afford to be there…esp those who works as engineers and even pilots out there…recent price hikes esp petrol have greatly affected our ability to cover the costs from our own pockets like some us us had planned originally… so we really do need as much help as we can get… (see we already sound like beggars)

    we will be trying to pull more people into this… anybody has any idea how to get the people from 9599, 9802 and even those who just graduated into the fold? if you have means to contact them please do pass them to huddin or me…

  3. no offence aa din, but myvis are known to have high fuel consumption..x caya gi tgk kt forum-forum..plus aku pon ada myvi 1.3 gak, so when compared to my father’s waja 1.6 auto, lebih kurang sama jerr..yg syoknye, myvi tu aku bwk dlm 110-120km/h je, walhal waja bley tibai 140-150km/h, and still the fuel consumption was not that much differ, for the same travel distance..

    cash tu, aku bley contri la sket2..harap2 bley paham laa naa, aku berulang every week ke penang, so dlm sebulan around RM1k goes to petrol and tol..and sad to say, gaji engr tnb idak le tinggi mana..gaji technician kilang lagi tinggi beb (kilang kt penang laa)…hu hu hu

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