KK Trip – Monday 23rd June 2008 – Day 1

June 24, 2008

OB – Judin 9498 and Huddin 9498

Objective – The real deal. To teach the guys what it takes to be a Perak Champ, or a Perak Chap.


Drove Judin’s Myvi this time around. Left from Bangsar at 12 noon. Stopped at Tapah RnR for lunch, reached KK at 3pm. Yes Judin was quite friendly with the throttle. We were speeding all the way. Lucky not as wreckless as Pian though. Upon reaching KK we drove around to look for accommodation for the night

Today’s training went as planned. We opened the gate at 5pm. Waited for the others to arrive. By 5.15 3 guys representing the F4s showed up. Those include Sheikh, Hakim and Halim. F3s were Bond, Fauzi, Hiddir, Zaif and Haziq. Total were 8.

Training contents are as follows:

Jeda – 10 laps – no time limit

Sprinting – 5 laps of pool width

Floating – float from the side to the center of the pool with hands above the water. Hold the center and sprint to the side. Repeated the floating but this time did the star jump and sprint to the side.

Dribbling – split them into 2 groups. Dribble to the other side of the pool width and then pass the ball to the next person. Repeated for 2 rounds and then pause for breather.

Shooting – formed a semi circle along the penalty line and take turns to shoot. 5 tries each.

Skirmish – Split into 2 teams and only used half pool with 1 keeper.

Halim (burung) decided that waterpolo was too tiring for him, so he decided to quit after doing the sprints. When I said quit I meant he really quit waterpolo.

“Sorry bang, saya rasa waterpolo ni saya tak boleh main”

What can I say? We’re not in the business of forcing people doing things they don’t like, and he did mention from the beginning that he wanted to try it out. One heck of a try. One non-intensive-day-training and he decided to quit. I bet if it was basketball or rugby he wouldn’t have reacted the same way. Whatever.

From our observation the training wasn’t that intensive as people like Sheikh and Hakim (both F4) weren’t even exhausted at all. The F3s were quite honest with their facial expression. All were experiencing physical fatigueness. My guess they weren’t as fit as the F4s, but at least they didn’t want to quit like Halim so I guess they were quite positive about today’s training. Tomorrow’s training will commence earlier, as early as 4pm. Haziq 0509 couldn’t make it today since he had rugger friendly match with STAR. Hockey players had training so they couldn’t make it as well.

Personally, I’m looking forward for tomorrow’s training. All the F4s should be able to show as they are running out of excuses. Just hope the F3s don’t give up as easily. Briefing session they were very quite. Not sure whether they were silent due to physical tiredness or their minds filled with doubt – whether to continue with water polo or play some other non-tiring sport like congkak or gasing.

Other updates will be posted here tomorrow. Need to get a good rest for tomorrow.



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