KK Trip – Tuesday 24th June 2008 – Day 2

June 25, 2008

OB – same as yesterday

objective – to create Perak Champs or Perak Chums


Arrived Koleq pool by 4pm as agreed yesterday. What we did….

Jeda – 10 laps (including myself….and now i remember how much stamina we used to have those days)

Shooting – formed a semi circle in front of the goal and shoot all you want.

Game – split them into 2 teams with Judin and me included.

Note : Having the game was Judin’s idea. We were very concerned that our training might have been to strenuous for the guys yesterday that made Halim decided to quit. Plus 2 other guys who didnt show up yesterday and today due to last week’s training. Although Haziq and Sheikh are in the process of persuading them to reconsider their decision but what Halim did yesterday had an impact on us both. So we decided to make it fun this time. I guess my concern for these guys were too much that I forgot they never had any real training before except for the F4s who were mostly fit and had some experience from MSSPK last year and years before. As for the F3s they were still new so some may still want to stay in the team and improve themselves, while others might be in a dilemma – to stay on the team or not. Either way at this point their motivation might be at an alarming state so we need to devise a way to pacify those negative thoughts.

So we did what Judin suggested. Being more concerned on sustaining them rather than training them, organizing the game was a good idea to show them how much fun it is to be in a waterpolo team. Also it could make them realize if they had plenty of stamina they would have much more fun instead of catching a breather every 10 minutes. As for us the OBs, the fun part was definitely there only our stamina level was a bit off. A bit. hehe….

My team had the most score,but mostly due to counter-attack strategy, and not so much on formation as we only had 4 on each team. No point having a formation if you ask me. Penat jgn cakap lah.4 people to cover the whole pool.Its like having a futsal team on a football field.

At the end of the training, we coached them on importance of passing accuracy, strategy and quick decision making. Also to shout for the ball and effective opponent marking. I didn’t concentrate much on Judin’s team scoring but more to us having the opportunity to score. Which was why you’d be surprised that our top scorer wasn’t even the top player but just a F3 whose name was Zaif. No offense but from his face I could tell that he has renewed his spirit and had more confidence in himself than before. The F4s were very cooperative when it came to teamwork only Judin’s team members were playing in a library. I guess they were trying to be Dr Xavier – using telepathy to communicate to team members only they were on the wrong frequency altogether.

In a nutshell, they had fun. By concentrating on the game you wouldn’t be thinking much on your body being tired and so forth.Only it was a shame that some had rugby training and Haziq suffered from an ankle injury after their rugger match yesterday. At first we thought he wouldn’t come to the pool but later he did show up to give support. Even with a twisted ankle he still joined us only he came much later, at about 5pm. He went to the extent of using one leg to float. I hope he didn’t injure himself further afterwards….his ankle was quite bad fyi.

While playing Cikgu Roslan came by, of course he was there only a short while as he had to prepare for Koleq’s trip to Vaji. I told him that the balls that Koleq kept in the store were all in bad shape so Koleq might need to purchase new balls, which he agreed to propose to HM. Will ask the boys to follow up on that matter. Also asked Cikgu Roslan to get another teacher to be in charge of the team to get things done smoother for the near future.

Tomorrow will be our last day. Not sure what we’ll be training on for tomorrow but hopefully their attendance would improve tremendously, and their punctuality as well.

Will be collecting cash for tomorrow, plus their IC numbers for the proposal that I’m going to send to Faiz. We hope to get their bronze medallion training and evaluation test before fasting month.

Anything else. Just check it here eh.



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