Bronze Medallion training schedule

June 26, 2008

Finally figured out that I can actually post a .doc file here. So here is the Bronze Medallion syllabus and training schedule for our reference.


example of training schedule


One comment

  1. since En Azmi the fire dept guy was not around during our last trip (refer to post right below)… we will reschedule the meet with him in the near future…

    after the last visit to koleq.. i am now more confident than ever that the present boys can pass their bronze medallion test before puasa…that is if they have access to the pool as often as they can to train and build up their stamina…

    therefore a few of us intends to do as much as we could to be there to open the pool…at this point i am planning to drive up next tuesday and wednesday..trying to see if anyone else wants to tag along… as usual.. any contributions will be greatly appreciated…

    if huddin tags along we might go meet Mr Azmi as he should be in ipoh next week… will also try to work something with a few of the teachers at koleq to open the pool when the old boys are not around… now that they have seen that we are committed to this project hopefully they will agree to be part of it as well… will keep u guys updated…

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