KK Trip – Wednesday 25th June 2008 – Day 3

June 26, 2008

All the same as the past 2 days. Except the F3s attendance was superb. Altogether we had 12 people. Although the F4s had potential and the physical built but they had too many issues. Motivational and other commitments to name a few. The F3s on the other hand are showing promising report. 2 days of training did not put their hopes down but on the other hand they were improving after each day of training. Go underdogs!

Training consists of :

Jeda – 20 laps. This time we timed them. At the moment we can be sure that 4 F4s are capable of completing 20 laps within 20 minutes.

Sprinting – 6 laps – pool width

Shooting – shoot all you want. Without noticing, their shooting skills have improved a lot after 2 days of continuous training plus last week’s training when Pian was there as well.


We divided them into 2 groups. Judin and me on different teams. While Judin was concentrating more on their game spirit,formation and having fun, I was concentrating more on strategy and their game play. At first I was the one giving them instructions on the game strategy, but later on we left them to decide as they were enjoying the game very much and they can analyze on their own. So hopefully they would combine what the both of us taught them for the past 3 days. At some point we need them to realize that waterpolo would be much more fun if they had more stamina, skill, speed and experience. So this was a very effective way to develop them instead of concentrating on the laps, sprinting, passing, etc…for now.

As I mentioned earlier, the F3s are showing tremendous progress. With more and more people showing up I could see that they are very serious plus they are also showing results every day. I would say that the F3s are slowly developing into a more balanced team as they are getting more and more used to being in the pool. The F4s were not bad actually, only for those who had other sports to commit to, which slowed down their progress. Those who had rugger managed to come for training only for a short while, but did not manage to stay throughout the whole training period. Others who had hockey like Acad’s brother aka Nene also managed to come for training despite having 3 matches earlier that morning. Other than that, the rest of the F4s were also improving very much due to the extensive training we have given them.

With both batches showing results and a promising future, we (judin n me) have managed to nominate a few guys for the bronze medallion training. The F4s would be Haziq, Sheikh, Hakim aka Telor and Nene to name a few. The F3s like Bond,Saif and Pojie are on the list as well. Bear in mind that we need to have a minimum of 10 people for the bronze medallion. So hopefully we can develop all the 10 nominees when the time comes.

My view on the trip – the 3rd day was the best day. We managed to have 2 teams (including us the OBs). Previously we were short of manpower. Hopefully they would keep it up until the next OB would come.

Also, as for us OBs, I may not be able to go to KK as often as I can in the future. Not going to explain my reason here but hopefully Judin and Pian can organize the trips to KK as much as possible before the fasting month. I will concentrate more on the paperwork and updating this blog. As for the other OBs especially those in my batch – I have run out of ideas as to how to motivate you guys. If you wanna talk about financial and commitment you can ask Judin how much we have sacrificed. So please spare me your justification.

A big thanx this time to Azrul 8791 who have been our official sponsor this time around. Again, thanx Azrul. If you are reading this you have no idea how much you have helped us in this trip. I don’t expect other OBs to understand this, but with the fuel price hike going on we were able to drive to KK and revive the waterpolo team. Cikgu Roslan (PKHEM) and Cikgu Zamri (Sprots Secretary) were amazed by our effort. Even the HM knows about what is going on and supports us 100% – only we haven’t met him in person. Even the guard didnt even ask us to report (write in the visitor log book) to the guard house. They just gave us the keys to the pool with no questions asked. I guess OBs make the best impact. So again, thanx to those who have contributed and supported our nobel effort. Allow me to mention their names…

1. Faiz 8791

2. Azrul 8791

3. Topeq 9701

4. Daniel 9701

5. Isman 9498

6. Judin 9498

7. Pian 9600

I hope to increase the members to our group by contacting more and more OBs. Some like Nizar 9599, Cikun 9600, Reza 9600, Kamil 9296,  have yet to be contacted. We have yet to contact the junior OBs and the senior OBs. For the juniors we need help from the present boys. As for the seniors Kamil 9296 would be a good start. Remember, I am not being the materialistic one here but as we all know and realize, someone needs to be there and coach them. Its impossible for them to open the pool with no lifeguard. So, to contribute you can choose to cash in or go to KK. For some like Judin and Pian have done both. The rest, take your pick. Remember that the pool will be closed down by the ministry if we do not act immediately. I think I have posted it several times. Again, I have no idea on how to convince you guys. Some don;t even bother reading this blog eventhough I have sms-blasted informing updates to this blog.

If you are reading this, I am sorry if it may seem emotional but after looking at the faces of the present boys really fires my spirit. The look that money can’t buy. Who else can the present boys depend on?Do you actually think the teachers or PIBG are interested? All they can do is meeting meeting meeting (endless) but in the end no action. So we need to turn the tables if we want things to change. If you have read Judin’s comment in the previous posts you will probably understand what I am talking about.

Trip Cost

Before I elaborate on this issue, please note that this is the first time we actually stayed overnight in KK. We do know the toll price (refer to previous posts) and average petrol consumption. Accommodation wise I may need feedback since staying in KK might bore us to death. Staying in Pavilion might damage our hearing as the F3s are really noisy and I can’t be the one shouting about to silence them. So Judin suggested that we take Double Lion as our standard rate for accommodation. Anything extra should come out from our own pockets which I have yet to decide. Will highlight this issue during our next WPOB meeting.

FYI, Double Lion’s rate is RM50 per night. So that would be RM50 x 2 : RM100.

This is the cheapest rate in KK. I’m not sure if we’re going to make this the standard / ceiling rate for accommodation for our project. If I was travelling on my own expenses I wouldn’t stay in KK, but since the budget is coming from Azrul we did feel that this should be the minimum cost for accommodation.

Petrol : RM 100 (KL to KK) – inclusive of travelling around in KK is RM150 RM200. Depending on where you stay, eat and do other stuff to fill your time.

Of course we didn’t stay in KK. We stayed in Ipoh since we planned to meet Mr Azmi – FnRD to discuss further about the bronze medallion but unfortunately he will only be back in Ipoh after the 25th of June due to LIMA held in Langkawi. Even his subordinates were there as well, which means we might need to come again another time to meet him. Anyway, our decision to stay in Ipoh is also due to the fact that Ipoh has more accommodation alternatives while KK has only 4. We called all 4 places in KK, and so far the best rate is I would say RM80 per night. Condition – not very comfortable, but just OK. But for RM80 per night Judin suggested that we stay in Ipoh since the price is the same and the room is much more comfortable with TV (astro available) and air-conditioning etc. Plus you can do a lot more things in Ipoh compared to staying in KK. Again, will highlight this issue for confirmation from WPOBs. My say is since we are all adults and some of us have families I would only say its fair that we choose a better place to stay which is not too expensive but still affordable.

In the next meeting, I’d suggest the ceiling rate for accommodation to be RM80 per night. Don’t know how many of you would agree but as an OB I think its just nice.

my 2 cents.


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