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Possible 10-Day Intensive Training Trip

July 19, 2008

Hello boys (at heartlah…semua macam dah jadik bapak budak dah)….

In light of recent events…(refer to previous post)… i have rescrambled my work schedule….now i managed to have a 10 day consecutive off days starting next friday, the 25th. After all the hard work we have done for the past month or so…. i refuse to risk it being blown to dust by teachers with lukewarm efforts…..

after some discussions, pian9600 has agreed to drive down with me next friday and sponsor part of the trip. Then it will be up to YOU GUYS how long i will be there to supervise the boys. If no contributions are received, we will drive back to KL on sunday. please bear in mind opportunities like this do not present themselves often. how often can one be available for 10 days and willing to do this? a single day trip to koleq can cost up RM200 (please refer to earlier post by huddin) and this is a great opportunity to greatly cut down the cost. After this trip i won’t be able to drive up to koleq anymore until the day they take the lifeguard test on august 25th…which is a month later. So before you say “No..sorry i don’t have enough money to contribute…” please re-think carefully… we all have our own financial responsibilities in life but if we really want this we can find a way to make this work… its all up to you really… whether you want it or not… we have one month to go and after that we can breathe easily once they get their bronze medallions…

Listed below are some things that we plan to do if we can make this trip a reality…

*more intensive training for the boys, focusing on strength and stamina to prepare themselves for the lifeguard test

*distribute some readings on the upcoming test, and begin practicing lifesaving techniques to familiarize them before the actual test

*meet the teachers (again) and try to push them on honoring their words at least until end of august.

If you feel like contributing please refer on previous post “SMS UPDATES…” on methods how to bank in your share to my account. you can also find others who are not in our list to donate also. Plus, you do not have to bank in immediately… we just need your word or SHOW OF HANDS who will contribute. As long as you don’t leave me stranded with no money and have to hitchhike some truckers back to KL.. cukuplah.

As mentioned before… we are used to challenges ever since we took over in 1998, if we can do it then we can do it again now… so let’s make this work people!!!!

– JD 9498


First Week Without Us …….

July 16, 2008

Just got back from Penang… passed through the K Kangsar PLUS exit on the way….too bad i couldn’t stop by….

Anyways, guys…. i am worried…

this will be the first week for the present boys to not have our presence since this project officially started.. not sure if they actually misses us.. lol

from previous posts we have informed you guys that 2 of their teachers have agreed to make the pool available for the boys to train and this week would be the first time we could actually see if they actually remain true to their words…..¬† and sadly to say it seems that we really DO need to be concerned…

Present boys told me that they only managed to train for an hour yesterday(monday)… which means one of the teachers really did show up….

although he showed up late and some of the guys bailed… by the time the pool was opened only 10 of them actually went into the water…. since they only had an hour… they only managed to do the 20 lap jeda and then straight away a short game.

No such luck today (tuesday) though…as none of the teachers showed up.

so they only got ONE hour….this is really a far cry from the normal 6-9 hour trainings per week they had for the past few weeks with our presence there….. ūüė¶

as i have stated before, i am still trying to find off days to actually drive up to koleq.. and i won’t be able to go next week too… although i might be able to get some off days during the last week of july. Even then i will need to rely on donations…without any i might not be able to go at all or MAYBE one day visit if i managed to crunch the numbers (not really cost efficient by the way…).. i will keep you guys updated on this

I have promised the boys to find someone to fill in during huddin’s and my absence since they kept asking us when are we driving up again to koleq…Pian is going on a pre-confirmed vacation that he made before he agreed to be one of the active participants for¬† this project. I’m assuming Dan is still busy with his court cases, huddin and i will confirm on this later. Huddin has also said that he will try his best to drive up there next week but huddin is also not doing so good financially… for those who does not know huddin and I do not make that much money (currently)…

Personally in order to make this work and honor my committment to this project i had to do a …how does our goverment say it…. ‘penstrukturan semula’ on my monthly budget. by doing this i can probably sponsor ONE day trip per month only…anymore than that will mean i have to sell my only remaining kidney….the rest will actually depends on how much contributions we get from now on. i am unable to comment on huddin’s financial wellbeing any further… he might comment on it himself nanti…

so if anyone is willing to step up and fill in for this week(still not too late) and/or next week please let either one of us know…as always contributions are always appreciated if you are unable to drive up and supervise the boys…

Again.. if this week is not an indicator that we cannot rely on the teachers to keep their word….i don’t know what is….

– JD


If you’re bored

July 15, 2008

Here are some videos from youtube. Although you can just type in water polo in the search column but here’s what i find interesting to be posted here.


SMS Updates, Donations/Contributions, Contacts

July 11, 2008

hi ya peeps!!!!

So far the project has been very successful…. the present boys are improving drastically and are eager to take on more intensive trainings everytime… ‘tapau old boy during MCOBA weekend¬† next year’ is imminent… ūüėõ (present boys if you guys are reading this…. please do not be overconfident)

Anyways let’s get a few things straightened out as we move along with our project…

We have been sending sms update blasts to all old and present boys that we have in our records… if you have not been receiving them… and would like to be included in the list… please call/sms me so i can add you to the list… even if you are currently overseas and using international numbers… all that matters is you can contribute positively and be in touch with everyone else…please pass the words around to fellow ex-teammates okay?

Speaking of contributions….we need more input here on the blog… your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated…come on guys… be more vocal please ??

Last but most probably the most important….financial contributions…

you can bank in to any of our accounts listed here (sapa2 yang duduk shah alam or kl tu can pass the money straight away to huddin or me)

Huddin’s Maybank – 164052343939

Huddin’s CIMB – 12051373507520

Huddin’s RHB – 11225500091061

Judin’s Maybank¬†¬†¬† – 162076010055

Judin’s CIMB¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† – 14460004658526

Huddin’s number: 012-2666562¬† / 0162090644

Judin’s number: 016-2023074

As we have stated before… for those of you who have difficulties contributing in other areas…. please please please donate some cash so we can find people who can do it… bukan mintak sponsor makan minum or mintak upah on our time pun…. just to help out with the toll and minyak only… we are doing as much as we can to save cost all this while…if you do ever deposit some funds in our accounts in the future… please let us know… call/sms whatever…

for those of you who have been contributing and participating in any way…. please keep supporting us until we reach our goal… personally i wish that my ex teammates especially from 9498 can be active contributors in the future… at least more than what we are getting now….

anyways… please do check the blog regularly for updates…

keep in touch!!!!



KK Trip – Tuesday 8th July 2008 – Day 2

July 10, 2008

OB – …

Objective – …


Started training at 330pm today. Well, don’t ask if they have prep. Obviously using waterpolo as an excuse. Its fine by me.

F4 – 7

F3 – 8

Jeda – 20 laps. No timing. All they had to do was complete 20 laps before I did. Of course all managed to complete their laps before me.

Floating – this time we used the pool length. Float to the middle, then switched to floating sideways, backwards and sideways again. Repeated for 5 laps. The 6th lap they floated to the middle and sprinted to the other end of the pool.

Dribbling – Divided into 2 teams and dribbled using the pool length. Again they requested a rematch. These guys are really competitive by nature I guess….

Sprinting – pool width. 6 laps.

Passing – Pool width. As for Nene, Haziq and Sheikh they did the pool length. The rest did using the pool width. This time I diversified their training a bit. At first their distance were the pool width. Later, got them to float closer to their partner and pass. Although being closer means they do not need to pass too far but I emphasized more on making them control the ball better and pass more accurately. As they get closer I managed to get them to pass faster, meaning holding the ball for 2 seconds only and pass back to their partner.

Shooting – shoot all you want.

Game – This time they requested to have an unofficial friendly match between F3 and F4. Gua no hal. Of course me being the ref since they had enough people to play.

The F3s showed great improvements in their game. They were not quiet as they used to be. Although they couldn’t pass very far but they kind of got the hang of it. Very impressive if you ask me. From day 1 until today, I couldn’t believe it myself. They are actually showing results.

The F4s – I was quite speechless. Imagine during 98 we had Acad and Fadly, those who had the physical built but this time imagine the whole team. All of them could really play waterpolo. If there were 3 people chasing after the ball, you can count on Nene to get the ball. He’s crazy. Being Acad’s younger bro, I’m starting to think that it runs in the family.

Others like Bidin, Mondok and Haziq has shown great results as well. As they were playing wing and centre their communication and tactical skills helped them to score 4-0 within the first few minutes.

The F3s on the other hand, took long to realize that they needed to change their strategy. Firstly, having 2 guys in way up front is a bad idea. Their defense always gets outnumbered. Only after the 4th goal I reminded them to restrategize. Right after that, they managed to score 1 goal, resulting in 4-1  but the F4 paid them back leaving the results 5-1. Later, I reminded them again to mark their opponents and pass accurately. Yeah they did have that problem but it was fine later on.


On an overall basis, they were already accustomed to the pool, able to follow instructions from Sheikh and Haziq, plus being more skillful after each training. Since they are going to have a friendly match with VI very soon, most probably they would be able to train themselves for the whole of next week before their match. Hopefully they can maintain what we have taught them so far and able to exceed their own capabilities. Nonetheless their next match with VI is what I am really looking forward to. I sincerely hope that other OBs can make time to come and support them. Again. the dates will be confirmed soon. Anything else just check it here or call me.


Just my 2 cents.


KK Trip – Monday 7th July 2008- Day 1

July 10, 2008

OB – Yours faithfully

Objective – to create better anchovies for the pizza toppings…..

Report :

Since this is the ‘x’th time we had intensive training with the boys (x : the number of times we trained them which i have lost count) this time around i decided to train them on something else instead of the norm.¬†So this time I¬†supervised Sheikh and Haziq training the guys and helped a bit here and there (mostly being the “super player” for the skirmish training).

Started training at 4pm. To my surprise the F3s managed to come before the F4s.

Jeda – 20 laps (didnt take their timing since the F3s came first followed by the F4s). Those who completed 20 laps practiced on their shooting skills.

Floating РFloat to the middle, jumped several times and sprinted to the side. 6 laps.

Dribbling – split into 2 teams, then race to the finish. Again, we didnt use the pool width. The pool length. By doing this they realized that there was a big difference which of course….exhausted them. Did those twice since one team were unhappy with their loss and requested for rematch.

Sprinting – pool width. 4 laps. Upon reaching the pool side they did pumping. Jumped back into the pool and sprinted to the other side. Got out of the pool and did sit-ups. (i think, since i was quite busy gathering the new balls to one side of the pool). But what concerned me the most is that all the F4s has improved dramatically in their speed. The F3s were left behind due to lack in physical strength and techniques except for Zaif.

Passing – Pool width. Again, improvement was very impressive but still a lot to improve. Some couldn’t even pass to their¬†partner but those were mainly the F3s.¬†F4s had no problems passing but in terms of accuracy and ball control (absorbing the ball’s impact) they still needed more training on that. As for Nene, Sheikh and Haziq they¬†used the pool length since they have no problems in short distant passing.

Game – Divided them into 2 teams. Nene and Sheikh being the goalies. They were divided randomly. To my surprise they have improved a lot. Again….A LOT. Although some had to stop for a while (mostly the F3s) for a couple of breathers but the rest can actually stay in the pool without any breaks. Awesome!

Taught them a few formation strategies before ending the day’s training. Training continued tomorrow at 3.30pm.


Alas, more updates on their bronze medallion.

1. Finally, I have managed to meet the famous En Azmi as I have repeatedly mentioned in¬†my previous posts. He’s a really nice guy, and he has extensive experience in life saving courses since he is a qualified trainer not only for Bronze Medallion but also for Special Awards (A life saving cert – probably 4 levels above Bronze Medallion – really tough!). So we have decided on the date for their Bronze Medallion training. The date is on 25th to 29th August 2008. Plus, he also trains Commandos, Firefighters, Hospital staffs, Schools, etc etc. So no worries about his credentials.

2. He has agreed to draft a letter once I get the addresses and PICs (Person In Charge)¬†from Faiz. Still waiting for¬†Faiz’s call¬†so that I can¬†get En Azmi to start on those letters asap. The letter, proposal and invoice¬†will be addressed to MCOBA and CC to Koleq admin. The copy sent to Koleq will include the list of names involved as they will need to skip school for 5 days. Also, since the anchovies has improved so much I have agreed to put the F3s in the list. So. altogether there are now 14 guys instead of 10 as previously decided. Will update the numbers to En Azmi¬†after I get in touch with Faiz.

3. Balls! WE HAVE NEW BALLS! Not testicles, but waterpolo balls. Hopefully you have received the MMS sent by Judin. We have happily crafted all the OBs names on the balls, so if you want your name to be on those waterpolo balls please contribute, it makes the present boys very proud. Having the famous waterpolo players in the history of Koleq on their waterpolo balls (something like having your favourite baseball player autograph on your baseball). Hahaha, for a while they argued on which ball to keep. As expected they all wanted to¬†have the ball labelled “Faiz 91” and “JD 98”. I have entrusted the F4s to keep the new balls and the F3s to keep the older balls. Altogether we have 11 balls. Not including 5 other balls which we are keeping for future use. Bare in mind we all know what happens if we don’t keep any for¬†spare. By the end of the year the balls will just dissipate into thin air. I guess that has something to do with the balls moving on to their afterlife……huhuhu~~

Special thanx to the following OBs for contributing:

Faiz 91

Fadly 98

Azrul 91

Pian 00

Daniel 01

Topeq 01

JD 98

Me 98

Isman 98

Kay 96

Acad 98

* F4 and F3 chipped in as well.

4. MCKK vs VI – a dream come true!! I met En Roslan the next day (well, i’m posting it here instead of tomorrow’s post since I am quite excited about all this finally coming true) and I was informed that Koleq will be playing against VI – 2 weeks from now. I don’t remember the date, but when I do i’ll post it here. The actual agenda is playing ONLY football against VI. F1 team¬†and under 18 team¬†will be playing. Since I was with Cikgu Roslan the idea suddenly came to have them play waterpolo as well. Not bad eh, that’s one task done in a blink. So I have entrusted Haziq to follow up on the idea since Cikgu Roslan said he will see what he can do. So, keep your fingers crossed…….if Koleq agrees to allow them to play then all of us OBs will be able to see them in action after several weeks of intensive training. At least we don’t have to watch them in KK – but in KL instead.

Also, I am going to repeat this again. As for the OBs who have yet to contribute, if you can’t contribute at least help us in finding those who can. We are still short of OBs. At this point, I am not sure how thick my face is (tebal muka) for harping you guys for cash. If I was to meet Faiz right now, I would probably wear a mask on my face, or maybe a paper bag. My own batch, the so called trend-breaker-achieving-2nd-Perak-after-10-years-plus-reviving-an-extinct-sport-in-Koleq’s-history couldn’t even compare to what Faiz and Azrul has contributed. Lucky this blog is free. If we were to pay for it, who would?

OK…i’m going to get started on the next post. Check it out…..


KK Trip – Wed 2nd July 2008: Day 2

July 5, 2008

OB – Judin 9498

Report – After training on Day 1 ended, i headed to ipoh, found a place for the night. since i was alone… i thought it would be a waste for me to spend extra cash on accomodation… so i thought i’d give a budget hotel next to the highway a try. RM40 per night and it doesn’t look that sketchy…so i said… what the heck… unfortunately i didn’t get a good rest that night cuz even though the room¬†got walls… i swear i could hear everything that was going on in that place that

Okay okay…. lets get to the 2nd day training….


F4 – Sheikh, Nene, Hakim, Meor, Aiman Haziq, Mondok, Bidin (although Haziq and Meor left for rugby training during game session, Bidin and Mondo decided to skip the training and stayed)

F3 – Bond, John, Zaif, Poji, Kidir, Nik, Engku (Kidir came a bit later due to class so he missed the jeda)

yes….the boys requested for the training to start at 3pm and yes…they did show up on time… so i’m quite happy with their punctuality this time around.. hopefully they will keep this up..


Jeda 20 laps – Definite improvement in their timings… Hakim clocked in at 8m30s.. while the rest of the F4 managed to finish the laps before the 12min mark. Even the F3s showed improvement.. Zaif managed to pass the 14 min mark, while Bond and Poji came really close… the rest also did better than the previous day…

Shooting – same as 1st day

Sprinting – same as 1st day

Dribbling – this time we did 2 rounds.. because the losing team was not happy with the way the winning team won… so everyone was more than happy to do a second time… caused a temporary commotion since a few people got too carried away… but all in all… fun session!!!!

Pass & Ball Handling – split into teams of 4… definite improvement in this area… especially in the follow-thru skills, balls now did not touch the water that often anymore….

Pass, Sprint, Returnpass, Shoot – same as 1st day

Game – full pool, full teams. Since the boys got sufficient numbers, i gladly became the whistleblower until several of them left for rugby training. Tips on¬†playing ‘dirrty’ smartly were given…¬†a few got penalized for underwater ball, submerging or pulling on opponents….¬†fun stuff !!!!

Conclusion – the present boys have improved greatly but they still have a long way to go… none of them can actually throw a ball using the length of the pool yet… baling keluar pool jgn harap la… including the goal keepers… but if they continue to improve we will increase the intensity of the training soon… although before that we need to focus on their swim techniques… esp F3s… so any old boys going to drop in and monitor their training… please focus on this… had it not for their improper tech… i believe even more of them had passed the 12 min mark…F3s are aso somewhat quiet during the game and wrap up session…need to do something about that also….

anyways… told them before i left that i might not be able to come down in the near future… but huddin and pian might be able to fill in for a while… cuz i am running out of money.. hopefully there will be more contributions in the future… we got some contribution which may enable huddin to drive up there next week… so he will give us the updates soon…


– JD