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The Long Awaited : Bronze Medallion Training – Day 1 and 2

August 29, 2008

OBs : Judin 9498 Din 9498

PBs : All 15 of them

Trainers : Mr Azlan and Mr Nazirin (Trainer for Jabatan Bomba)

What happened…

Day 1- the long awaited Bronze Medallion training.

I’ve been planning for this day to come for so long that when the time came I was ill-prepped. I had several unexpected plans during the trip to East-Coast that I had to spend an extra day there, which overlapped with this day. Luckily Judin was around so he managed it on my behalf only for the first day. Thanx.

Day 2 – I came. I saw. I conquered.

Arrived at Koleq’s swimming pool exactly at 8am. As everyone here acknowledges my fierceful influence towards the PBs they did experience a slight tingling sensation down their spine as I appeared from the back entrance.

We exchanged remarks and sarcasm, then proceeded to 12 laps of jeda within 12 minutes. Luckily it didn’t end up too hard because 1 lap (25m) is about 25 seconds. Which is like Isman or Giant’s speed in our time. Only this time its 10 years later.

Later the trainers came to sight. They entered the pool compund, we greeted them and started immediately.

As the trainers were quite surprised by the PBs performance yesterday, they decided to do a trial examination for the test instead of going through the whole syllabus. They were instructed to start off by different entry levels, swimming distances, full attire while approaching, and towing techniques. That alone took one whole morning with a 40 minute break which the F3s conveniently took longer.

In the evening they were taught CPR and EAR on a dummy. During our days the dummy was an oversized barbie doll. Thanks to technology, the dummy we have now have pumps (to duplicate breathing) and a wired remote with LED indicators to show pulse. Pretty impressive eh, but there are better ones in the market for life savers but those are in the near future according to Mr Azlan. So back to the CPR and EAR, that took about 1 hour. The trainers left by 415pm and everyone jumped into the pool liked hooligans. DIvided them into 2 groups and had a short game.

Here’s my take of their current status. Boys if you read this hope you don’t get offended but this is for your own good. Trust me.

Stamina wise, yes they have improved tremendously. Each one. I was surprised to see that none of them needed to hang on to the pool side (except 1 or 2) for long. I imagine that they’d click well with Isman, Giant and Acad.

Speed wise, they have also improved a lot. However they could be faster if they were more attentive to what was going around in the pool. Some were busy neutralizing the opponent while marking, some were hanging by the sides, and some were mocking each other.But most of them were able to shout to ask for the ball. Inability to know your teammates location adds to passing inaccuracy. Pretty impressive? Read on….

Skill wise, damn you guys can bounce balls better than me. Many have excelled in this particular area. Some were able to do bounces, some can do angle shots and some can take shots from the half line. Also impressive. Only 1 or 2 couldn’t shoot as good, but in time they will be, with proper training and extra of chlorine-juice.

Aggressive wise, they have mastered this art even without our training, which is totally useless. It was useful to provoke each other, but still ended up useless.

Game Play wise

Before I elaborate further on this, please take note that they have missed a considerable amount of waterpolo training for 2 months, so eventually this will lead to a more barbaric gameplay instead of an olympic gameplay.

What amazed me the most were a few things. One is that none were exhausted. All were able to stay in the game without time-outs for breathers. Although there were time-outs but those were for strategical changes.

Strategy wise –  a long way to go, which is why I emphasis this again – they missed waterpolo training. So the formation (if there were any) was off. Mostly fell for the deadly temptation – to score a goal, which ended oppositely. Aiman shots kept hitting the post instead of entering it. Weak attack formation which eventually lead to chaos at the front of the goal with no goal. Now I remember why we kept discussing about formation all the time. It was the key to a successful attack formation or strong defense position. In either way since there was none but like the other insufficiency, time will repair all the above mentioned.

Sadly during the game a few were feeling tense and stressful, more oftenly there’d be provoking remarks and aggressive tackling which involves the usage of long fingernails. They were a bit tired since they were already at the pool by 8am. Plus they were still recovering from yesterday’s soreness, that adds to a mouthful of burden to take. Such challenge not to be taken at a young age. Which was why we (Judin and me) agreed to skip the debrief session and call it a day.

As far as today’s concern is, the Bronze Medallion training has shown cofidence to the trainers. We might be able to get all PBs their BMs. Other than that, I’m going to shut down now since I haven’t recovered yet.

-end of transmission-



So it has begun ….

August 25, 2008

hey guys… just thought i’d post a quick update here…

i have been here with a few of the boys since last saturday since we thought we needed to ‘warm up’ before the formal training commence today (monday). as expected, the boys were a little winded after the 1 week school holiday. we continued training on sunday morning but training on the evening had to be cancelled because my fever worsened… so we had to call it off in order to give me some rest i desperately needed. i am feeling much better today..what a relief!

despite a few miscommunications, the official training did start today… thank god (notice: i rarely say this). although it started about half an hour late 830am but 2 trainers from the FD showed up and the training lasted until about 445pm, there were several breaks including lunch of course…all in all the boys spent about 6 hours solid not counting the water polo game we had after training ended.  personally  don’t think they would’ve made it through the day if we had not been preparing them for the past 2 months or so. a sincere thanks from me to all of you who have contributed..big or small. they did however amazed the trainers by being well prepared for the test, (familiar with techniques, theories, and even stamina ).

trainers even tested their breath-holding skill by having them dive the length of the pool near the end of the training today…. 4 of them namely AIman (captain), hakim, mondok, Bond (f3 captain) managed to do it officially for the first time. several came pretty close. i was really amazed after the intensive training today they still managed to do it..some of them actually kept their words.. been training personally during the school holidays…. heh

anyways… im hoping there will be no more hiccups after this and everything will go smoothly. despite their positive performance today, i am afraid they might be a bit overconfident since they managed to amaze the trainers. please keep your fingers crossed that all of them passed the test this friday…. as always.. conributions are always welcomed….big or small… i will be here for roughly a week… using my own funds… so any help would be greatly appreciated….(good thing i won’t have to do this again for the next 2 months because of puasa n raya) since it will take at least that amount of time for me to financially recover…

i guess this will be all from me here in our beloved kuala….future posts will be from huddin i think when he finally gets here after settling all of his business matters. once again… thank you all for the support!!!





Unofficial small gathering – Tuesday 12/8/2008

August 14, 2008

Hi guys

Date : 12th August 2008 – 5 am

Venue : Restoran Syed – Lucky Garden Bangsar (located behind TMC @ Giant)

OBs : Judin 9498 Pyan 9600 Din 9498

What we discussed

Firstly, I would like to announce that Pyan would be starting his new post in Singapore by next month. All I can say is good luck in pursuing your life’s achievement and may the polo spirit be with you always.

Updated by Judin and Pyan, I realized that the boys have improved tremendously as a result from our previous trips followed by the 10 day trip by Judin and accompanied by Pyan before that. From what they have observed, the boys are physically ready for the test and would have a small chance of not passing the test. Well done!

A big round of applause to the OBs who have contributed (big or small) in materializing this dream. We could not have done it without your sheer effort and continuous support.

As a friendly reminder to all, their training will commence on the 25th August until 29th August 2008. Thats less than 2 weeks from the time I upload this post.

Of course, some updates were an earful to take, while some were heart aching. Our own Cikgu Roslan (who evidently suffered from temporary amnesia) has conveniently forgotten what I have informed him regarding the Bronze Medallion training. I remember very clearly that he has agreed to let the boys skip school during the training period since most of them were F4s and the F3s were not the chronic case students. This is totally unaccceptable and also not a surprise as he did not write it down on his organizer anywhere or even wrote it down on the whiteboard in his office. Thank you Cikgu Roslan. You have indeed added another item into my KK agenda which hopefully will happen any time soon.

Nonetheless, as Faiz feels that the boys have a lot to learn in order to beat the OBs (which I agree) they still need to sharpen a lot of their waterpolo skills.

Also, I have heard that the boys have their own nickname. “Huddin’s anchovies”. Hahahha….thats hilarious. If they were real anchovies I’d be eating them with Nasi Lemak Kg Baru side dished with Sambal Sotong.

Apologies if you feel that this update is rather scattered and not as organized as this is an unofficial meeting and Judin and Pyan mostly talked to themselves which leaves me listening. Yeah, Pyan’s leaving soon which leaves Judin with one-less drinking buddy. But all other updates were not as important as we have yet to meet officially (refer to previous post).

Other updates…

1. Flashback – Judin did request for an excuse letter from the FnRD since Digi has a very strict policy in approving abnormal leave. As I have forgot to inform Mr Azmi on this matter he faxed to Faiz a different letter which I did not have eyes on.

So, in order for me to have a better  comprehension on the paperwork, I have requested the fax to be sent to my cyber cafe (a fax machine which my biz partner recently purchased). Once I read the letter, I’ll do the editing since Faiz’s expectation on the letter was rather different than what I have imagined. Basically I’m being the 3rd party here so its best that I have a clear picture on what’s transpiring between the two.

Which leads me to the part where I’m going to my cyber cafe today to check on the fax and later on send it to Faiz.

2. As the boys would soon be independent on their waterpolo training, I would hope that they can start on their own as how we did it during our days. I imagine if they were to be Perak Champs they would need to be at our “actual” expectation rather than comparing what they have achieved so far compared to day 1 they started training. Remember – we trained heavily and so furiously since we were F3 (as for our batch). Pyan, Daniel, Topeq trained since they were F2. So I’d imagine they have to train like they have never trained before in their life to be where they aspire to (I hope I made that part scary enough to motivate my dear anchovies).

3. Guys….please add your comment on my previous post regarding our official meeting. Trust me, this is the least you can do to honor your waterpolo days.


Ok,thats all for now. I’ll add anything in this post if anything else comes up. Cheerio!




Just my 2 cents.


Let’s Meet

August 10, 2008

Hi guys,

its been a while since I last posted here…feels awkward that Judin’s doing most of the posting and training. Hopefully more of our sincere OBs will come forward to make this blog more “alive”….

Anyways, I’m plannig to organize an official meet up between us OBs. The date and venue will be as follows (I’ve listed a few options for our convenience – also subjected to my availability as time has become extinct in my daily schedule. Anyways these are only suggestions. Please feel free to suggest alternative time and venue as I am looking forward for this big meeting to be held before the boys start their Bronze Medallion training). By the way Isman if you’re reading this I’m truly sorry that at the moment I can’t cater any meetings for us in Penang. But you can call us….or video call us while we’re meeting.

Suggestion A

Date : 14th August 2008 – (Thursday)

Time : 8pm onwards

Venue : Anywhere between KL and Klang. Suggested venue(s):

  • Restoran Pelita (SS15)
  • Restoran Pelita (Bangsar)
  • Restoran Al-Rafi Sect 13 Shah Alam (Not Rafi Bistro which is also nearby)
  • Restoran Kg Pandan – Jln Yap Kwan Seng
  • Restoran (?) – Jln Yap Kwan Seng – The Mamak facing Public Bank
  • Restoran Lotus (Next to Menara Citibank)

Suggestion B

Date : 17th August 2008 – (Sunday)

Time : 8pm onwards

Venue : Anywhere between KL and Klang. Suggested venue(s):

….same as above.

Suggestion C

Date : 19th August 2008 – (Tuesday)

Time : 8pm onwards

Venue : Anywhere between KL and Klang. Suggested venue(s):

…same as above

Suggestion D

(At this point, its worth noticing that I’m copying and pasting,just changing the dates)

Date : 21st August 2008 – (Thursday)

Time : 8pm onwards

Venue : Anywhere between KL and Klang. Suggested venue(s):

…same as above….

Well, lets get those organizers out, cancel your appointments and lets meet! Any changes regarding our meeting will be posted here. For those who have yet to reveal themselves (namely Kay 96, Nizar 99, Kamil 96 etc) we do hope you guys can make it.

Just my 2 cents.


10-day Trip (Part 2) : The Training

August 5, 2008

We split the training into 2 parts:  

1. waterpolo related training

mostly conducted by Pyan from friday 25th until sunday 27th, focusing on swim techniques and speed. it was all agreed previously that all 3 of us,namely Pyan, Huddin and I will focus more on areas we excel most. Huddin will focus on admin and tacticals, Pyan will be on speed and swim techniques, I will focus more on stamina and personal skills. So this time around, we definitely saw a lot more sprinting during training sessions. Throughout the sessions, Pyan gave tips on how to improve speeds and improve the boys’ personal swim techniques.  Looking back, when we first started this project,  only a few of them can actually sprint faster than me, namely Hakim the Sukma Swimmer, F4 lead and F3 Lead. Back then, these 3 guys were the top performers in the team. Now things have changed…haha… after only several training sessions and tips from Pyan and Hakim, the entire team especially the F4s can sprint pretty well now, and the batch leads are no longer the stars they used to be (Aiman and Bond if you guys are reading this.. please do not get demotivated, take this as a challenge to further improve yourselves). A few of the team’s underdogs have emerged as one of the fastest swimmers for the team, namely F4’s Mondok (or Hamster as Pyan would call him) and F3’s Zaif. Granted we have not yet done official timings on strokes, but as far as water polo sprinting goes… these guys are the ones we have to lookout for next MCOBA weekend. haha. I guess just like Pyan… who didn’t even know how to swim when he joined the team back in the days… and came out one of our fastest swimmers and won the most medals…. Mondok (who lost a few lbs since we first started the project) and Zaif proves that just because you are the fastest and the best when you first joined the team, doesn’t mean that you will always stay that way… with proper training, self disciplines and commitment in trainings, pretty much anyone can be the best in the team.

Speaking of discipline, since the beginning of this project, we have advised the boys to watch that they eat also… as you guys can remember, this proves to be one of the hardest part we all had to follow. Reduce eating spicy foods, reduce drinking carbonated drinks…. and STOP SMOKING ( or at least reduce it….only applicable to a few of smoking has been out of style all over the world, even Europe for a few years now… so just quit killing yourself and people around you please). fortunately these boys appear to follow the instructions…even the smoking part… and this could be one of the reasons for their rapid improvements. of course, there will always be those who just can’t do it… remember? Isman? Fadly? Acad? haha… well i guess Hakim is one of them for the present team. i guess if you can swim 20 laps in 7m20s (and improving)… i guess you can drink as much coke as you like… just dont encourage the team to follow… haha. Pyan also did a 50m swim match with Hakim this time. although Pyan was a bit faster during the first 25m, Hakim managed to overtake him during the last lap… abg Pyan kita pancit… hahaha

 Oh… the F5 has been requesting for a friendly match between them and the F4 after seeing the trainings sessions we’ve been having  from afar. A few of them also requested to join the trainings (because it looks like so much fun) but we have agreed that for now only the lifeguard test participants are allowed to be in the pool. At first we laughed at the thought of them being in a match with the now improved F4 team… which is why we said try to defeat the F3 first. but when we finally gave the greenlight for a friendly with the F5, only 3 of them came, (including the smirky Ben, who laughed when he first heard that the F4s are trying to get perak champ next year), and a few of the F3s couldn’t make it, overnight la, balik la, parents datang la… so we had to combine the F5s and the F3s to take on the F4s. Pyan also joined the F5-F3 Coalition. needless to say… after a few minutes the coalition dah kena belasah dengan teruknya…. i think the final score was belas belas jugak lah. at the end of the training session, the F5s terpaksa la telan air liur and admitted that the F4s has improved. heh…. 

2. lifesaving related training

conducted by me starting from monday 28th until sunday 3rd, to familiarize the boys with the lifesaving skills and requirements for the upcoming test on Aug 25th and improving their stamina. On saturday 26th, we gathered the boys under the TAR Hall at around 9pm and as planned, distributed some reading materials for their upcoming Bronze Medallion test. Although we have been talking about the test since we started, this was the first time the boys actually had an actual picture of how it goes. Now the boys realized this is serious stuff… while we are browsing through the booklets, we did some Q&A on the material and based on our experiences when we were taking the test back in the days. before we drove to Kuala, i made 14 copies of each booklets,  just enough for the number of people we are planning to send and take the test. now it seems that we have 15 and Pyan would like to keep a copy for himself… so we ended up making another 3 copies when we get there.

It seems that the F4 are very excited about the test. when the training started on monday, they have already read the booklets  and managed to answer with ease during our pop quiz session on the theories. Probably they have more free time when compared to the F3 who obviously didn’t do as much reading on the material as the F4s, busy study for PMR kut….nevertheless we carried on with the training, unfortunately we didn’t manage to do much, since i was suprised by the F1s who came to visit the pool and jadik penonton for our training. Supposedly they were there because Aiman wanted them to watch the friendly match between the team and the F5s, but the match happened on sunday. i was actually caught off guard and most of the F4s claimed the same… but since the F1s are already there, i didn’t have the heart to tell them to go back with nothing….so we ended up giving a demo on some water polo related stuff instead of focusing more on lifesaving training. even had to assign a few people to watch the F1s since  Aiman requested to have them enter the water for a while. ( I had to say yes.. probably i have gone soft over the years…). so on monday we only manages to practice Water Entry Methods. starting from Tuesdays we had no more interruptions, since we agreed (again) no one should distract us from our current focus, which includes the F5s, 2 of them showed up on Monday and wanted to join the training.  

Listed below are things that we managed to practice during the Monday to Thursday sessions, on Friday 1st almost half of the team went back to their hometowns… but we still managed to continue with the training with only 7 of them though, 5 F4s and 2 F3s. the team was divided into groups of 2 for the upcoming test.   starting from Sunday 27th, we started doing 40 laps for jeda. F3s had more difficulty with this so they are only required to do their best..minimum is still 20… F4s also had some difficulty at the beginning but managed to convince them that it is doable.  during their first try on sunday, Hakim and Mondok finished before me. by sunday 3rd, all 5 F4s managed to finished before me and the F3s can already do 40 laps. i would say… definite improvement in their stamina. the goal was to bring the stamina up as much as we could, because they will be on holiday for a week right before the bronze medal course starts. so even if their stamina reduces because of the holiday… (no training + bad food + bad drinks )..they will still be able to do 20 laps within the required time with no problem. the required time for the test is 500m within 14 minutes. at the end of the training when we last time everyone for 20 laps or 500m swim… all of them except 2 or 3 F3s managed to finish before the team target of 12 minutes. Hakim was even closer to his personal target of  7 minutes… clocking in at 7m20s during last timings.  


Water Entry Methods : shallow dive, straddle jump, compact jump, unknown condition, surface dive (head first and feet first)
Towing Methods        : cross chest, chin tow, extended chin tow
Hauling Methods       : straight arm, cross arm


after we covered all the important methods listed above, we did a combination of the techniques;   for example… for every group of 2, one will be victim, the other will be rescuer…. one water entry method, tow method and haul method will be assigned each round and then they will switch. most of them do not have problems in water entry (a few do have problem with shallow dive…but manage to improve, still needs more practice though)  and hauling…. for towing still need some practice with body positioning to avoid akwardness/difficulty during the tow.  

All in all… they were introduced with the methods and managed to practice them first hand. during the course takde laa ‘blur’ jek bila dengar instructor tu explain nanti… hopefully this will reduce their stress level during the entire course and increase their chances of passing the test.


10-day Trip (Part 1) : The Drama

August 4, 2008

hi guys….!!!

first update on the 10 day trip to KK. drove down with pyan last friday, arrived a couple of minutes after 5pm and opened the pool for the guys. it seems that the boys were a bit too winded than i expected… alasan: “lama tak training”. fortunately they became noticeably better the next day and continued to improve day by day.

okay… actually since huddin’s last visit… there were quite a few dramas involving the boys, and the koleq administration…i just got huddin updated and as expected he was a bit pissed off (might be an understatement) just like when i was informed by the boys of what happened.

firstly, if you have read our previous posts, you should already know that the boys requested for the training to begin at about 3pm to 330pm.. which meant they were skipping some KOKO activities… namely on tuesdays. apparently one of the teachers was not pleased with this (her name is Linda if i remember correctly) and complained during their assembly that some students failed to attend their KOKO sessions and she included the water polo team in the list. at least one of them got called up on the stage (Maram kut) and later several of the boys were called into Roslan’s office as well.

Linda and Roslan argued with the boys and the boys actually tried their best proving their case.. which would be… if the teachers had done their part to open the pool in the first place.. then the old boys wouldn’t have to come all the way from KL to do it for the teachers. since the old boys do not come that often.. in order to make their time worth it… would it be so wrong for them to start training a bit earlier and skip some other activities. after some further argument i guess the teachers came up with the statement ” who is running the school? old boys or the teachers? so who should you listen to? “. personally i was pretty suprised and upset that the teachers decided to play that ‘card’. technically, what we are doing is part of KOKO in our times….(persatuan penyelamat kelemasan) but now it has become extinct.. of course. its not like we are skipping the KOKO to do some stupid and useless activities. but hey…they are correct. they run the school. im not very good at handling dramas with admins… pyan pun sama… huddin is the best when handling these matters….so i guess huddin will come and clear the air with the admin soon. so pyan and i agreed and told the boys to play by the rules and try not to create any more problems for the time being. because the main goal is … to have the teachers trust them enough and once the boys get their bronze medals, they will have access to the pool and the captain would be entrusted with the gate key like the way it used to be.  this will not happen if some of the boys are being targeted by the teachers.

Second, there was an incident involving the guards and F3s. apparently the F3s decided one day that they would like to go for a swim and asked one of the guards for the pool key. now inc ase you guys are not aware… the pool has become a restricted area nowadays and the boys are not allowed  to be in there unless there are lifeguards/teachers/old boys present.  Since one of the F3 is in the waterpolo team ( MCKK Anchovies at present ), the guard gave the key to him without hesitating assuming, there was a teacher or old boy present. obviously the F3s got busted going into the pool without any guardian and it got the security guards into trouble as well from the management. *sigh* the f3 leader was not around at the time and this was done during his absence. the f3 involved already looked really guilty when i was informed of this and i didn’t see the point of scolding him more. because of this the guards do not pass the pool key as easy as before. we even had to write a letter asking for permission to open the pool on sunday morning and passed the signed letter to the guard. i re-stressed to the boys that they need to follow the rules and not make things any harder for us.

The Headmaster came by and visit the pool during one of our training session on saturday/sunday (i forgot) and he is very supportive of our efforts when we explain to him what is our current goal.(just like other teachers who have met huddin before i guess). he did request for us to come and supervise the boys as often as we can… i guess he is aware of the lukewarm support by the teachers.  Another teacher also stopped by on tuesday when faiz was around when we were about to wrap up the training for the day…asking if the boys showed any improvements. well… at least a few of them cared enough to drop by, say hello and ask how the boys are doing right? i have yet to see cikgu roslan or their teacher in charge, tuan syed…even though i spent 10 consecutive days there….. urgh…people who do not take their responsibility seriously really do piss me off…. :-s

Pyan and I left Kuala after a meeting with the boys on sunday night around 11pm since Pyan has to go on a trip to bangkok..  I drove back to KK on me own the very next day  and continue the training….