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September 23, 2008

Thought that the Bronze Medal issue is over?

It seems that they (FnRD) have yet to receive their payment for the training. Of course MCOBA being fully responsible for the payment are not getting any heat from the FnRD. Yeah. Its already 1 month after the training. And my phone is already bombarded by messages for payments.

Hopefully the cheque will be cleared by this week. The exact same sentence I have been telling myself every week after the Bronze Medal course.

If any of you guys can give any ideas on how to tackle this matter please let me know asap. I am quite sure being the minority sport in Koleq we do not get as much attention as ruggers or footballers do. So it is up to us the WPOBs to make things happen. How else did the other sports make it? If we are to build a strong sport in Koleq it has to start from us. We tried doing it during our days in Koleq but nothing happened. Even with Lat Shahriman on our back wasn’t strong enough because he only had people like Faiz to back him up. Which is why I can fully understand why he avoided young OBs like me during MCOBA concert. What else would we be looking for from him if not for $$$.

Don’t bother commenting on this post. The only thing that make this go away is either the cheque is cleared right now or RM10K falls from the sky and lands in front of Mr Azmi’s desk in Ipoh.

The other reason why I’m posting this is because the guys from FnRD have run out of patience. They can’t wait any longer since they already made an exception for us to make the payment after the training. Before the text messages turn from cynical to hatred I’m hustling Faiz as much as I can before I start being sarcastic or pushy or whatever.


Buka puasa time. Happy breaking fast you guys.

My 2 cents.


Selamat berpuasa

September 17, 2008

Selamat berpuasa. If you’re not fasting, please don’t eat openly. The least you could do is call McD and eat at home. Ha ha ha…

For those of you who are fasting and seeking the month of prosperous to bring spiritual strength, all the best to you and your efforts. Bare in mind that the devil will work harder to fail you than you are to achieve success. Which ever way, Ramadhan month is the best month to start something new and redeem yourself to Allah swt. Also for those whose loved ones have moved on, Ramadhan is the best time where we pray and hope for them to be blessed by Allah.

Hopefully we can gather during the fasting month since we have less than 2 weeks of fasting to go. I’m looking forward to plan a breakfast among the WPOBs. I’ll try to organize one (of course it will not be free – at least a minimum fee of RM15 – RM30). I’ll post it here for updates.



Bronze Medallion Training – Day 3

September 17, 2008

Hi guys,

As some of you are aware, this post should have been uploaded by the 29th of August. But I’ll proceed to the Bronze Medallion news first and explanations later.

Since the PBs were performing quite well, the trainers (Mr Azlan and Mr Nazirin) suggested that the PBs took the exam/test on Thursday, 28/8/08. Only they couldn’t confirm on the examiner’s availability on Thursday since we planned it to be on Friday.

As luck was on our side, the examiner managed to swing by Koleq by 10 am in the morning and carried on with the evaluation. We met for the first time with En Mahir who was a certified examiner for Persatuan Penyelamat dan Kecemasan Malaysia who is also working with the Fire and Rescue Dept.

All the training and hardwork paid off. None of them failed. Which was good news to the PBs as I can recall them saying that they slept throughout night prep and continued their beauty sleep in their dorms even before lights-off. Congratulations PBs! Oh,and not to forget the OBs who have chipped in to making this a success. Thanx guys!

So, officially Koleq has now 15 official lifesavers. In 2 months time they would be receiving their Bronze Medal and will be able to show it off to the whole school. Heh. I even suggested to Haziq to form a Persatuan with their current license and hopefully they’d be able to do more by forming another Persatuan instead of just having waterpolo and swimming. It didn’t take long for them to come up with more ideas – official lifeguard clothing (shirts and shorts), activities and etc.

After the exam, we had another game during the evening and called it a day.

The following day, we had a short practice in the morning since the test was over and they had another day which we used to give them a final brief before we handed the responsibilities of managing the team to Haziq and Bond (F4 and F3 Captain).

Items discussed were responsibility and accountability. Of course having a Bronze Medal is nothing to be taken literally. They would need to take turns to be lifeguards and also need to schedule the days where other batches can come to the pool during games hour. Other than that would be managing the team and making sure everyone plays their part in cooperating and keeping the team together.

Perak Open will be held somewhere in November. I told the guys to organize it from their end as OBs have done their part as much as they could. As for Judin and myself, we’ll need a few months to recover financially before we can organize another trip to KK. As for other OBs (namely Daniel) hopefully there would be more to join the revival of Koleq’s waterpolo team. A friendly note to all, they have mastered all the basic training, so if any OB plans to check on them wouldn’t be much of a problem. The most they would need would be your experience in waterpolo and supervision/referee.

As for my part, I’ll be faxing a letter to the FnRD as an appreciation towards their assistance in making this a reality. Also, I have asked Mr Azmi to fax a letter to Koleq regarding the PBs who passed the Bronze Medallion while waiting for the certs and bronze medal from Persatuan Penyelemat dan Kecemasan Malaysia.

Payment – I was quite surprised that they haven’t received the payment for the lifeguard exam and training. I will be checking again with Mr Azmi on their end whether they have received any payment. Otherwise Faiz will be receiving my calls (again). Mr Azmi would also have to wait (again) until this issue is resolved.

Apologies to all since this post was supposed to be uploaded 2 weeks ago but as both of us were quite occupied neither one of us managed to upload this post earlier. Anyways, updates are important, it wouldn’t be fair to those who have contributed in making this a success and not knowing what happened to the PBs and their Bronze Medal exam. Oh yeah, the boys had a friendly match with their current captain and his F5 team (forgot his name). The F3s won the game easily (F4s didn’t play against the F5, they thought that the F3s should play first).

One other thing, if anyone wants to take Bronze Medal or Bronze Cross, give me a buzz and we can work it out.


Just my 2 cents