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Proposed final training session before MSSPK

January 31, 2009

hi guys…. considering the boys have no access to the pool since september 08 after the bronze medal… they lost quite a lot of time to train their gameplay skills and strategies.

i’ve reserved leaves from work starting from thursday 5th until saturday 7th… so i can be there to open the gates and train the boys on gameplay and strategy if i can get you guys to sponsor part of the cost.

so if this trip materializes… training will be kamis and jumaat petang, a few hours on saturday (boys will have to cut short their towning for this week) and a few hours on sunday morning. i will head back to kl on sunday afternoon as i have to be at work by 5pm.  we will also try to organize meets at night during prep time to discuss on strategies. i will ask the boys to prepare the necessary letters once trip has been confirmed ( u know lah koleq admin and their admin crap)

For msspk… as i have informed faiz before.. i have confirmed leaves on sunday, tuesday and wednesday.  trying very hard to get leave on monday.  pyan cuti monday to wednesday… hopefuly he can make it back from s’pore without any last minute work related stuff planned by his boss. faiz also working on being there.

so yes… i will be going on my own this time.. if giant or shuk 06 free on any of these days… i will try and ask them to accompany me.

So yes… hopefully some of you can help me finance this one… kalau both of the coming trips pakai duit aku..kopak lah… dah le aku sacrifice my leaves and postpone my vacations several time already.  RM50 pun duit gak…huhu

sesaper yang terasa nak bagi angpow CNY..especially those yang baru join our cause recently… please bank in directly to any of my accounts below…

Jd’s Maybank    – 162076010055

Jd’s CIMB          – 14460004658526

pls do inform me afterwards… so i can credit you accordingly…(if you prefer not to be named..please say so also)

**random updates**

– faiz has submitted the budget proposal to mcoba ppl, hopefully they will agree to fund it for next year..

– now that we have managed to track  all schurxers 98 (giant and najib has been informed about this blog also)…hopefully you guys can contribute positively to this cause.. perhaps this coming MCOBA weekend we can all play together again….(patutnya last it is long overdue)…personally i will be looking forward for more great things in the future 🙂

sadly we have yet to get pyans and nizars batch to join the fold. kalau ada nizar, jack, and the rest of pyans batch mesti best… haha


thank you for reading

– judin 98


Dates set: MSSPK 2009

January 28, 2009

Hi guys!

So yes…the dates has been set…hopefully most of you can be there to support the boys. Hmm…i’m skipping past everything… let’s rewind back to our last trip to koleq real quick.

…the original plan was to go meet the boys on Jan 21st n 22nd… but we found out that koleq has allowed them to leave for CNY break ( a whopping 10 day break) evening of the 22nd.. so we had to change the dates a bit. we ended up driving up on the 19th til 20th. sadly Giant was sent to Kulim on business matters so he had to pull out. we were so looking forward to meeting him and catch up after all these years 😦 oh well..mebbe next time…pyan drove his car..huddin and I tagged along this time

we stopped by the FRD Ipoh headquarters to see En pick up the letter personally so we could hand it to Cikgu Roslan when we get there. Personally still couldnt believe this matter is not settled yet…which caused a huge delay in our timetable..GRRRRRR. Anyways we apologized to En Azmi for the inconveniences caused but apparently he was suprised that this project got through this far in the first place. He said he knew this is not our fault nor the koleq admin..but rather from one person ..CIKGU ROSLAN !!! So he began sharing his story to us….

This would be the third time he had to deal with koleq regarding the Bronze Medal lifesaving course. both times things failed to materialized due to representatives from koleq was not ‘serious enough’ to pursue this. He explained to us an incident which upset him back then… Cikgu Roslan has asked him to come to koleq to discuss about this project and when he got there with one of his friends…. Roslan just refused  to play host and entertain them….instead he ignored them to a point where En Azmi was ready to leave and drive back to Ipoh..good thing his friend talked him out of it. apparently there was a soccer match that day and roslan said he wanted to see the match so the guys would have to wait…En Azmi understood this..but he was unsatisfied with the way he said it..i couldnt remember what happened next because i was so infuriated at hearing one of the official representatives of koleq admin..Roslan should have known better and acted at the very least….like a decent host… jeez… what a shame

So we finally got the stupid letter and continued our journey to koleq. the boys we glad to see us….we could definitely see it. its been a few months since they had access to the pool (before fasting month started last year) and some of them has gained weight and definitely pancit dalam pool like we expected. but not as bad as we expected stamina wise. they improved a lot by the 2nd day. Roslan came to the pool to meet us, huddin did the talking…and yes.. he went back on his words AGAIN… now hes saying even though the boys passed their test ..he would still want a teacher to be there and open the pool during the training ( i dont know why am i even suprised… if he insists on this he shouldve told us earlier.. so we didnt have to waste all of our time and money for this project to get the guys bronze medals… thinking that they will get access to the pool once they have it… so can you imagine how we felt then? WHAT THE F**K ??!!!! he is so lucky we are not living in Texas or i wouldve personally used a shotgun to blow his head off and feed his remains to the armadillos…..anyways the boys got a different version of the story for us… saying Roslan promised that they could open the pool once they received their OFFICIAL CERTS…so we decided not to let the cats out of the bag  just yet.. we will see what hes going to say when the certs finally shows up…so we proceed to tackle the immediate issues first…

we got to meet Tuan Syed..(cikgu in charge) and he said hes going to open the pool 2 days a week for the boys….we even got to meet the new ustaz who has agreed to assist us in our cause. he’s willing to also be at the pool for the boys twice a week. 4 days is not enough considering the MSSPK is right in the corner so the boys are trying to get someone whos willing to open the pool for them during the weekends..including sunday mornings…keeping my fingers crossed they will find someone…

MSSPK Dates are as follows: 16th-18th of February

Venue: Kompleks Renang DBI, Ipoh

matches will be in the mornings while swim events will be in the afternoons. the dates set are a bit later that the ones for Penang and KL…but as long as we didnt miss the registration period i am relieved…lol

im trying to arrange my leave so i could be there during the tournament…so hopefully you guys can do the same and be there to watch them play 🙂

even though the delays has caused so much damage to the guys preparation.. i am still hoping they would perform better than us… they have so much potential..apparently lady luck is not with them 😦 ….still…. we are doing what we possibly can to assist them… personally because i plan to honor my word….when the boys asked for our support back then during MCOBA weekend…i have said yes…i would help them.. so until the fat lady sings….it is not over yet… i will do my best to assist them…sebanyak mana termampu lah…. after MSSPK ni….i am still willing to commit to this with proper funding from MCOBA and considerable cooperation from koleq admin….if not i consider i have done what i could…. yang mintak tolong pun batch 0509…so …we’ll see what happens

but seriously..something has to be done about Roslan……

Faiz is working to push a budget to MCOBA to fund our project…..huddin and i have done the budget and we will keep you guys updated…for the time being we will have to find other means to fund our project.

A big thanks to Pyan this time around for driving and his financial contributions… i am planning at least another trip before the MSSPK to assist the boys in any ways i can….they still need more experience in gameplay and techniques… stamina patut dah takde hal…. we are still looking for contributions.. so if any of you ada yang nak hulur2 please contact me directly…huddin might not join me since he is caught up in his business ventures..and other stuff…maybe once giant returned from Kulim he can join me….

will keep you guys updated….

thank you for reading


– JD Jamal



January 11, 2009

whats up fellas….

after an unbelievably long hiatus due to payments for bronze medallion/year end school break… lets now try and get back to business.

received several calls/messages from the boys…. informing me that they have yet got access to the pool and the official bronze medal certs are nowhere in sight… not  a good sign.

according to huddin, MCOBA has issued the cheque and it was mailed to the  FRD in november. while waiting for the official certs to be printed out they shouldve faxed in a letter to koleq admin about the results so koleq can give them access to the pool in advance. not sure what happened there either.  so i’ll be meeting huddin tonight…hopefully it wonnt get cancelled last minute like our previous attempts….this is definitely harder than i thought….dont know how faiz handled all this mumbo jumbo during his years… guess showing up to train the boys how to play is not enough… the admin stuff sucks… i HATE procedures/formalities !!!!

so Pyan and I  are planning this year’s first drive up to koleq… initial proposed dates are 21st-23rd of this month…Huddin and Giant from my batch might be joining also. anyone else interested in joining us?  but looks like we might have to reschedule due to koleqs CNY which is from 23rd jan and 1st feb. ( when they actually study i dont know..asyik cuti panjang je). if we dont schedule it sooner we might cut the trip short and continue in february when they get back.for this trip if huddin is around we might go to FRD in ipoh and see if we can pick up the certs or not and then head up to koleq and see how the boys are doing. several of them have been training on their own during the break but no sure how the others are doing.

oh… faiz is trying to get mcoba to officially fund our trips to koleq…so we are trying to come up with a revised budget due to the revised petrol price and blablabla. hopefully this will work… so i dont feel like a beggar trying to get you guys to fund the trips.

so yeah… these are the updates so far… i will keep you guys notified hen i have more… you guys have been awfully quiet also (probably menyorok ingat kitorang nak mintak duit lagi kan?…takpun busy makin babies 😛 ) … please do keep the comments and suggestions coming… we need your support…

keep in touch

-jd 9498