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MSSPK 2009: Third Day – SMI vs MCKK

February 25, 2009

… this time it was our turn to be part of the first match… they were saving the final match for 1st and 2nd placing teams… ACS vs Sam Tet.  The match was supposed to start at 730… but knowing koleq’s track record with time management… we tried to swap so we could do the 2nd match instead.. but failed since they wanted the final match between the other 2 schools. they agreed to delay the match to about 8 after we argued further..distance la… prayers la..bla bla bla

before we left the stadium the day before we had ask Cikgu Syed whether we could be here earlier on Friday… the boys were planning to get a move on before 6 and had their subuh prayers at the surau next to the complex. as you might have guessed the awesomest teacher in charge opposed the idea and insisted they could make it in time….in the end they left closer to 7 and reached there about 8.  the boys barely had any time for warm ups ….they got there… quick change, warm up and already in the pool 15 minutes later.

match started about 8:30…things were looking good for we already knew we would win this… although we couldve scored a lot more… strangely the match was pretty even.. i was not sure what went wrong.. even though we still won…

the boys were pretty surprised and glad to see pyan and giant there for support. pyan had to wear his jeans to conceal the bruises from last night incident and we decided not to tell the boys until later. since the match was pretty even.. we decided to play it safe this time… more into defense… and countering… since the scoring was too close… not everyone got their fair share of time in the match…we didnt want to take any chances….however we managed to let everyone contributed and play… even for a while….


1st Quarter:  MCKK 2 – SMI 0

2nd Quarter: MCKK 3 – SMI 2

3rd Quarter: MCKK 4 – SMI 2

4th Quarter: MCKK 5 – SMI 3

Goals were contributed by Bidin, Aiman, Aiman, Bidin, Bond. there were a lot more tries but most of them failed. but yes.. we managed to secure 3rd spot as expected. after the match the boys did a ‘bung wak’ which i forgot to record using my camera… sorry lol. so the boys managed to prove batch 08 wrong…they actually did better than the previous years…even though they failed to get 2nd spot.

after the match sheikh and aiman were asked to be the linesmen. while the rest of us watched the final match with real interest… especially the boys…who were gawking at the skills shown by the ACS players….haha. for the final match… each of the players were introduced officially by the organizer before the match began and it ended up with the following scores…

ACS beat Sam Tet 36 – 0

so yeah.. we were the only team that managed to keep ACS from scoring less than 30. thanks to our great defense players and keeper….

After the match… there was the state tryouts… where the present boys will have to take turns and be in a match against the current senior player of the perak team. this was another time when Cikgu Syed displayed another one on his non committed unprofessional decision for everyone to laugh at….. at about 1130am..during the tryouts… the organizers announced it using the speakers…

” okay…attention MCKK players… all of you can now go and prepare for your prayers…”

and we saw the ‘cikgu’ walked slowly leavin the pool..i was not sure why..perhaps he didn’t want to risk confrontations and objections from us right there and then. even though we hate to.. we had to pull the boys out… i was so furious… but managed to calm myself like the rest…

(who were also calming themselves by the stupid move made by cikgu syed)

we decided not to confront him there and make a scene in front of every one… but i have to say it again..that was the stupidest decision made by that teacher by far…. macam lah takde masjid kat ipoh nak sembahyan jumaat.  never before potential students were pulled out of the state tryouts at 11:30am mind you..for ‘prayers’. OH MY GOD… that just shows the level of commitment he has been giving towards the boys.

he was not there at the pool later that evening… and i had to send the sms to him to tell him what i really felt about him..(which i believed most of you got to read also). if this is the same teacher in charge  for next year… i dont know what is going to happen… we seriously need to do something guys…until now there was no response from him… i was actually waiting for him to reply or better yet if he actually calls me to seek ‘clarification’ on my remarks… but far nada… nothing…sigh…but it was really an awful ending to the tournament…considering the boys just won koleq 3rd placing….


MSSPK 2009: Second Day – The Car Accident

February 18, 2009

after the celebration at the swimming pool that evening… pyan headed back to KL while cha’in and i were supposed to go straight to something while waiting for giant to finish work and then all of us would drive back to ipoh after that

…but i lost one of my contact lens while swimming in the pool… so cha’in and i had to drive back to ipoh first and get  a new pair inside my car that was parked in front of the mcdonalds. when my vision was properly corrected… we were gonna head back to taiping… but there were several roadblocks.. one of them was directly in front of the kinta city.. causing massive jams since no movement was possible… thanks to the police…

about an hour later…(cars had begun honkin about half an hour before… several cars containing BN VIPs cruised by us… each with a pack of their own escorts… kalah queen elizabeth… the honks got even louder… it was crazy…

and in the middle of all this unnecessary setback.. i got a call from pyan. he told me he got into an accident with a trailer that ran away after that… and hes stranded somewhere along the highway with his car totally damaged…he said he was okay and we needed us to come get him since nobody was there yet and it was really dark… unfortunately due to the stupid roadblock… we could only get to him whos in between kampar and tapah about an hour later.

when we got there… the tow truck was already there along with some other people… apparently the trailer  hit pyan’s car from the side (pyan was driving on the fast lane)… suspected that the trailer driver dozed off. after the initial hit..pyan hit the divider before hitting the trailer’s side yet again..sending him spinning a couple of times before crashing into the divider and got stuck there for good. he managed to climb out of the window and ran away from the car..afraid that it might exploded and straight away called me. parts of his car was all over the road… and a bike ran over one of it.. causing another accident. the guy was ok… but his sister and daughter was injured pretty bad… an army truck stopped by and drove them to the hospital for treatment… at the same time the bike guy told pyan he got no license and begged pyan to exclude events involving him in the report…and then  he left

we got whatever we could from his car.. went to the tapah police station and spent another  90 minutes there to lodge a report, made a few calls and settle all the necessary stuff

… thank goodness pyan was ok but since now he got into an accident .. he had to ask for emergency leave from his office and he managed to be there the very next day to watch the final match against St Michael….. it was a mixed feelings… we were obviously shocked and sad about the accident and the car… but at the same time we were happy hes ok and that he got to stay longer and support the boys…lol

we arrived at giant’s place a bit late due to the incident… and we filled him in on what happened when we stopped at the taiping train station for something to drink… we checked into a hotel about 2am and went to bed… waking up a few hours later for the final match …


MSSPK 2009: Second Day – The Birthday, Celebration and Farewell

February 18, 2009

since the boys were so down after losing to sam tet… we decided we had to do something for damage control… we were afraid that if they continue with this negative energy they would also lose against St Michael when they obviously can win easily.  coincidentally it was Nene’s bday that day ( i know… what a sucky memory ..lost to sam tet on your bday) so we decided to do a celebration… Nene’s bday, the star player…congrats and thank you for the rest of the team for their commitment to the project  and farewell event to Pyan, who had to drive back to kl that night and get on a bus back to singapore on friday morning.

we figured this will lighten their mood and assured that they win against st michael on friday…. and i think it worked out well…. Cha’in (non polo player frm batch 98) showed up in ipoh and joined us  starting from that evening onwards… for moral support…


MSSPK 2009: Second Day – Sam Tet vs MCKK

February 18, 2009

we met with cikgu syed the evening after the first match…he’s going to accompany the boys from that moment on as Ustaz Azhari had to go to Johor for some other events for the rest of the week. as soon as he found out that we were going to be the 2nd match for the day… first match being ACS vs SMI..he went ” oh baguslah… maksudnya boleh la kita datang lambat sikit… dalam pukul 9 ke…

we were like “OMG !!! err hello.. teacher in charge… dont u think you should all come early and watch the match..would be a good time for the boys to get some experience watching others play…in stead of planning to come late and go for morning assembly? ” macam lah hari lain takde assembly…sultan perak datang ke time assembly yang sampai tak boleh miss tu?

so we opposed the idea and tried to get him to change his mind and come earlier but still there was no guarantee. When we got to the pool that morning… the boys were not there… as expected… the game was about to start…  ACS vs SMI… ACS were fooling around from the get go… each quarter they actually went to swim for the ball using BUTTERFLY and got it !!!! we were speechless…lol… anyways… come third quarter there was still no sign of the MCKK squad… and the organizers started asking questions on their whereabout… we were not sure what to tell em… except that they’re almost here… takkan nak cakap ” err..maaf diorang lambat sebab kena pegi assembly dulu”  and make me look like an idiot? i dont think so… this was the part that ACS took TWO TIMEOUTS on purpose to buy some time for MCKK. i have never felt so embarrassed in my life.  almost at the end of the 3rd quarter they finally arrived….straight away warm themselves up and prepare for the game…but get this.. as soon as the bus stopped in front of the complex and the boys were rushing getting down from the buy… what did our beloved cikgu syed do?  ” OK..saya pergi breakfast dulu ya…” and off he went to the stalls… can u guys believe this? if this was japanese manga… this would be the part when everybody falls down with their feet up in the air…. Pyan and i were totally speechless…unacceptable! patutnya teacher in charge pegi jumpa organizer dulu ke… cakap apa yang patut…. aduuuuuhhhhh

anyways… the outcome of the first match was as follows…

ACS defeated St Michael 39 – 0

the boys mood was definitely more upbeat than the previous day… we have advised everybody especially Pojie  (which is like Pyan during our time…slalu buat lawak bangang to lighten the mood)  to keep the squad’s morale high during the bus trip… and not to allow anyone to doze off.. seemed like it did the trick. the boys were eager to start the match. at this point Pyan and 1 honestly believed our chance to defeat Sam Tet was 50-50. We also advised Hakim the evening before that to make sure he got the first ball to boost the morale of the team. We also told the squad to try their best to score the first goal to further boost their moral and lower their opponents.

when the match finally kicked off.. Hakim did get the first ball causing the crowd to go OOOOHHHHH really loud…unfortunately we didnt manage to score the first goal. but this was the best match in the entire tournament. hands down. you could see the faces of everyone present during the entire game… even the organizers were jumping around during certain events throughout the game. but you know… unfortunately we lost..despite the boys trying their very best.. by the 4th quarter the boys were so winded and when the Sam Tet’s lead was stretched from 3 to 4…that was the final nail on the coffin…in case we didnt tell you… from our observation since we started this project.. the F5 players mood swings are pretty intense… so it has been really hard to keep their morale up even during training if something happened… f4s has better control of their emotions and actions (which is not necessarily a good thing because we would never know how they actually feels and whether they have pushed above their limits or not)

1st Quarter:  Sam Tet 2 – MCKK 0

2nd Quarter: Sam Tet 3 – MCKK 2

3rd Quarter: Sam Tet 0 – MCKK 0

4th Quarter: Sam Tet 3 – MCKK 0

the goals were contributed by Hakim and Bidin ….. but the star player was obviously Nene yet again..superb goal keeping..he managed to keep both ACS and Sam Tet’s score a lot lower than it should…

As i mentioned before… the mood after the game was akward… most of the f5s started to by one. They had tried their best and yet they lost.. but all of us know it was not their fault..but rather koleq admin for not allowing them to train often.  both pyan and i were satisfied with the match even though we lost. we consider our money was worth spending on this squad.  cikgu syed was behaving akwardly also.. started talking to Pojie on future plans for the squad..we really do hope he will be a better teacher in charge in the future.. and support the boys in their passion for the game…


MSSPK 2009: First Day – ACS vs MCKK

February 17, 2009

the night before… pyan and 1 did a bet on the order of schools the boys were going to fight….i had a strong feeling that it was going to be the same with 1998…. acs then sam tet then st michael…long story short..i won the bet.. the order was EXACTLY THE SAME with ours… hahah.. so pyan… if you are reading know you owe me kenny rogers lol.

anyways… there were 2 matches each day… first one started at 730 and 2nd one right after that.  First match was between sam tet and st michael. which gave us the opportunity to see how they played and prepared ourselves accordingly.

sam tet won 14 against st michael 3

when pyan and i saw the match.. we immediately knew we actually had a chance to beat both schools… confirmed against st michael and might be a 50-50 against sam tet.  so i was saying to myself..”was this going to be a repeat of 98? gosh i sure hope so” … lol

the boys arrived…accompanied by ustaz…. luckily WITH MONDOK… we were so relieved… quickly informed them they are going up against ACS in the first match…for some reason they believed ACS was not their main concern…because st michael was the strongest the year before… so pyan and i were really hoping they could actually defeat acs..something we weren’t able to do back in the days… if what they say is true… unfortunately… when the ACS players arrived.. we could tell how good they were by the looks on their face when they were watching the match between sam tet and st michael… when they were warming up … we knew for sure that they are going to be the hardest team to beat…

true enough… from the moment the match begun…the boys found themselves being shown by ACS how to actually play water polo… hahah.. even after the match ended ..they were still in shock over skills and techniques shown by ACS player…. totally above everyone else’s level… i guess they were brought back to the ground… they were feeling a bit invincible after all the training sessions… when they started… they could barely defeat the old boys who have been training them… and by the end of last year..they have improved so much… they could finally beat their F5s and us old boys.. so overconfidence is an understatement….


1st Quarter:     ACS 6  – MCKK 0

2nd Quarter:    ACS 7 – MCKK 0

3rd Quarter:     ACS 8 – MCKK 0

4th Quarter:     ACS 5 – MCKK 3

goals were scored by Pojie, Sheikh and Bidin

guess by the 4th quarter they were easing down and did not push as hard as the first 3 quarters… which enabled the boys to sumbat some goals…

it was definitely an eye opener match for the boys… by the end of the match… they already have a new idol.. ACS No 10… which was their scariest lookin star player…a direct disciple of the Perak coach himself (which we found out later on … current perak coach was from sam tet’s team that we fought in lumut.. he was F3 at the time). finally during games hours we gather at the pool, did some post mortem and pick ourselves up for the next day… the one with the most drama. heh


MSSPK 2009: The Day Before

February 17, 2009

…so i got back on sunday evening…straight to work..managed to scramble my off days again luckily… and i was all set to drive back to ipoh on that tuesday. Pyan called me…he’s arrived in malaysia… overnight bus from singapore….this time we decided to go seperately since he needed to get back to kl by thursday evening…since his shift started on friday evening in singapore…i went ahead before him in the morning…using the old trunk road… just cuz i feel like it..suprisingly it was not how it used to be… the trunk road mainly has been turned to a 4 lane street..which is pretty much like the PLUS highway without the toll..granted it took me about 1 hour more to arrive in ipoh… but i still managed to cancel my booking at the crappy rumah tumpangan and get back my deposit money… since pyan was joining me… we could split for a room at a better hotel.. hahah

Pyan arrived a few hours later… we left my car in front of the mcd next to the highway and made our way to the pool to see the boys before their big day tomorrow morning…we didnt do nuthin much that evening.. just foolin around mostly.. since we didnt want to make the boys feel exhausted… did some shooting and discussed some last minute tips and strategies… thats about it

at this point we figured out its just gonna be me, pyan and the boys.. the rest couldnt make it.. Danny boy said he’d be able to show up but you know how it is… lawyer la katakan… last2 sampai end of the tournament tak muncul2… PIIIIRAAAH !!! 😛 (dan u better make it up somehow)

so the final lineup was as follows:

Nene (keeper f5)

Meor, Mondok, Sheikh (defense f5)

Bidin, Aiman, Hakim (offense f5)

on rotations: Maram f5, Bond f4, Pojie aka Sarah f4, Nik f4, John f4,  Saif f4

2 f4s kidir and engku didnt make it into the lineup and failed to show up to the training since then.. rumor has it they were pretty upset with the decision…but Bond said they will return once the training for f4 officially started in the near future

oh…i forgot one most important drama… there was an incident involving the F5s and the F3s in the dining hall earlier in the week… and mondok was one of the ‘participants’…and because of that he got suspended from all extra curricular activities…which includes WATER POLO. can u guys imagine how we reacted when we arrived there at the pool that evening? so the boys spent the entire day trying to convince the teachers and koleq admin to cut mondok  some slack for the good of the Polo Squad…which includes some support letters, declarations of some sort and other shit.  still at the end of the day… no compromise has been agreed upon…koleq admin was to decide in the morning before they head off to ipoh… damn we were sleepless that night… we even had to made some backup plans just in case we had to settle with 12 instead of 13…. hahah..drama drama….little did we know that this is going to be one of the most eventful trips…. EVER !!!



February 9, 2009

Event: MSSPK

Date: 11th – 13th February 2009

Time: 730am onwards  (water polo)

200pm onwards ( swimming..Hakim will participate)

Hope you  guys can come down and show support to our precious Anchovies…..