MSSPK 2009: First Day – ACS vs MCKK

February 17, 2009

the night before… pyan and 1 did a bet on the order of schools the boys were going to fight….i had a strong feeling that it was going to be the same with 1998…. acs then sam tet then st michael…long story short..i won the bet.. the order was EXACTLY THE SAME with ours… hahah.. so pyan… if you are reading this..you know you owe me kenny rogers lol.

anyways… there were 2 matches each day… first one started at 730 and 2nd one right after that.  First match was between sam tet and st michael. which gave us the opportunity to see how they played and prepared ourselves accordingly.

sam tet won 14 against st michael 3

when pyan and i saw the match.. we immediately knew we actually had a chance to beat both schools… confirmed against st michael and might be a 50-50 against sam tet.  so i was saying to myself..”was this going to be a repeat of 98? gosh i sure hope so” … lol

the boys arrived…accompanied by ustaz…. luckily WITH MONDOK… we were so relieved… quickly informed them they are going up against ACS in the first match…for some reason they believed ACS was not their main concern…because st michael was the strongest the year before… so pyan and i were really hoping they could actually defeat acs..something we weren’t able to do back in the days… if what they say is true… unfortunately… when the ACS players arrived.. we could tell how good they were by the looks on their face when they were watching the match between sam tet and st michael… when they were warming up … we knew for sure that they are going to be the hardest team to beat…

true enough… from the moment the match begun…the boys found themselves being shown by ACS how to actually play water polo… hahah.. even after the match ended ..they were still in shock over skills and techniques shown by ACS player…. totally above everyone else’s level… i guess they were brought back to the ground… they were feeling a bit invincible after all the training sessions… when they started… they could barely defeat the old boys who have been training them… and by the end of last year..they have improved so much… they could finally beat their F5s and us old boys.. so overconfidence is an understatement….


1st Quarter:     ACS 6  – MCKK 0

2nd Quarter:    ACS 7 – MCKK 0

3rd Quarter:     ACS 8 – MCKK 0

4th Quarter:     ACS 5 – MCKK 3

goals were scored by Pojie, Sheikh and Bidin

guess by the 4th quarter they were easing down and did not push as hard as the first 3 quarters… which enabled the boys to sumbat some goals…

it was definitely an eye opener match for the boys… by the end of the match… they already have a new idol.. ACS No 10… which was their scariest lookin star player…a direct disciple of the Perak coach himself (which we found out later on … current perak coach was from sam tet’s team that we fought in lumut.. he was F3 at the time). finally during games hours we gather at the pool, did some post mortem and pick ourselves up for the next day… the one with the most drama. heh


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