MSSPK 2009: Second Day – Sam Tet vs MCKK

February 18, 2009

we met with cikgu syed the evening after the first match…he’s going to accompany the boys from that moment on as Ustaz Azhari had to go to Johor for some other events for the rest of the week. as soon as he found out that we were going to be the 2nd match for the day… first match being ACS vs SMI..he went ” oh baguslah… maksudnya boleh la kita datang lambat sikit… dalam pukul 9 ke…

we were like “OMG !!! err hello.. teacher in charge… dont u think you should all come early and watch the match..would be a good time for the boys to get some experience watching others play…in stead of planning to come late and go for morning assembly? ” macam lah hari lain takde assembly…sultan perak datang ke time assembly yang sampai tak boleh miss tu?

so we opposed the idea and tried to get him to change his mind and come earlier but still there was no guarantee. When we got to the pool that morning… the boys were not there… as expected… the game was about to start…  ACS vs SMI… ACS were fooling around from the get go… each quarter they actually went to swim for the ball using BUTTERFLY and got it !!!! we were speechless…lol… anyways… come third quarter there was still no sign of the MCKK squad… and the organizers started asking questions on their whereabout… we were not sure what to tell em… except that they’re almost here… takkan nak cakap ” err..maaf diorang lambat sebab kena pegi assembly dulu”  and make me look like an idiot? i dont think so… this was the part that ACS took TWO TIMEOUTS on purpose to buy some time for MCKK. i have never felt so embarrassed in my life.  almost at the end of the 3rd quarter they finally arrived….straight away warm themselves up and prepare for the game…but get this.. as soon as the bus stopped in front of the complex and the boys were rushing getting down from the buy… what did our beloved cikgu syed do?  ” OK..saya pergi breakfast dulu ya…” and off he went to the stalls… can u guys believe this? if this was japanese manga… this would be the part when everybody falls down with their feet up in the air…. Pyan and i were totally speechless…unacceptable! patutnya teacher in charge pegi jumpa organizer dulu ke… cakap apa yang patut…. aduuuuuhhhhh

anyways… the outcome of the first match was as follows…

ACS defeated St Michael 39 – 0

the boys mood was definitely more upbeat than the previous day… we have advised everybody especially Pojie  (which is like Pyan during our time…slalu buat lawak bangang to lighten the mood)  to keep the squad’s morale high during the bus trip… and not to allow anyone to doze off.. seemed like it did the trick. the boys were eager to start the match. at this point Pyan and 1 honestly believed our chance to defeat Sam Tet was 50-50. We also advised Hakim the evening before that to make sure he got the first ball to boost the morale of the team. We also told the squad to try their best to score the first goal to further boost their moral and lower their opponents.

when the match finally kicked off.. Hakim did get the first ball causing the crowd to go OOOOHHHHH really loud…unfortunately we didnt manage to score the first goal. but this was the best match in the entire tournament. hands down. you could see the faces of everyone present during the entire game… even the organizers were jumping around during certain events throughout the game. but you know… unfortunately we lost..despite the boys trying their very best.. by the 4th quarter the boys were so winded and when the Sam Tet’s lead was stretched from 3 to 4…that was the final nail on the coffin…in case we didnt tell you… from our observation since we started this project.. the F5 players mood swings are pretty intense… so it has been really hard to keep their morale up even during training if something happened… f4s has better control of their emotions and actions (which is not necessarily a good thing because we would never know how they actually feels and whether they have pushed above their limits or not)

1st Quarter:  Sam Tet 2 – MCKK 0

2nd Quarter: Sam Tet 3 – MCKK 2

3rd Quarter: Sam Tet 0 – MCKK 0

4th Quarter: Sam Tet 3 – MCKK 0

the goals were contributed by Hakim and Bidin ….. but the star player was obviously Nene yet again..superb goal keeping..he managed to keep both ACS and Sam Tet’s score a lot lower than it should…

As i mentioned before… the mood after the game was akward… most of the f5s started to cry..one by one. They had tried their best and yet they lost.. but all of us know it was not their fault..but rather koleq admin for not allowing them to train often.  both pyan and i were satisfied with the match even though we lost. we consider our money was worth spending on this squad.  cikgu syed was behaving akwardly also.. started talking to Pojie on future plans for the squad..we really do hope he will be a better teacher in charge in the future.. and support the boys in their passion for the game…



  1. aloha guys….

    personally, i wanna thank all the old boys for your contributions n commitments in this project..though we failed 2 be the runner up,but we’ve tried our best.we form 5’s are currently continuing the project by training the f4’s n recruiting d juniors.

    thnks anyways..we appreciate it very much..hope to see you guys in the coming OBW..

  2. hehe…

    for the present boys, it was a superb match. you guys should be proud of it. and i am so glad that i was there to watch it. that was the match of the tournament. hehe…

  3. i can’t believe we have teachers like this teaching in koleq.and you expect us to call you TUAN syed?

    Tan Gim Hoe was the best example. It was obvious that he had doubts towards us from the start,but he never showed it.In fact, he never failed to attend to our meticulous requests. But in the end, he was the one who jumped the highest even when we got 2nd.Too bad the video recording was gone.

    Anyways, you guys did great,even with our limited support and continuous barricades from Koleq admin you still showed what you were made of.

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