MSSPK 2009: Second Day – The Birthday, Celebration and Farewell

February 18, 2009

since the boys were so down after losing to sam tet… we decided we had to do something for damage control… we were afraid that if they continue with this negative energy they would also lose against St Michael when they obviously can win easily.  coincidentally it was Nene’s bday that day ( i know… what a sucky memory ..lost to sam tet on your bday) so we decided to do a celebration… Nene’s bday, the star player…congrats and thank you for the rest of the team for their commitment to the project  and farewell event to Pyan, who had to drive back to kl that night and get on a bus back to singapore on friday morning.

we figured this will lighten their mood and assured that they win against st michael on friday…. and i think it worked out well…. Cha’in (non polo player frm batch 98) showed up in ipoh and joined us  starting from that evening onwards… for moral support…


One comment

  1. hehe…
    mkn kek tak pakai tisu mahupun piring kertas.
    sorry guys… best ape mkn pakai tgn…

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