MSSPK 2009: Second Day – The Car Accident

February 18, 2009

after the celebration at the swimming pool that evening… pyan headed back to KL while cha’in and i were supposed to go straight to taiping..do something while waiting for giant to finish work and then all of us would drive back to ipoh after that

…but i lost one of my contact lens while swimming in the pool… so cha’in and i had to drive back to ipoh first and get  a new pair inside my car that was parked in front of the mcdonalds. when my vision was properly corrected… we were gonna head back to taiping… but there were several roadblocks.. one of them was directly in front of the kinta city.. causing massive jams since no movement was possible… thanks to the police…

about an hour later…(cars had begun honkin about half an hour before… several cars containing BN VIPs cruised by us… each with a pack of their own escorts… kalah queen elizabeth… the honks got even louder… it was crazy…

and in the middle of all this unnecessary setback.. i got a call from pyan. he told me he got into an accident with a trailer that ran away after that… and hes stranded somewhere along the highway with his car totally damaged…he said he was okay and we needed us to come get him since nobody was there yet and it was really dark… unfortunately due to the stupid roadblock… we could only get to him whos in between kampar and tapah about an hour later.

when we got there… the tow truck was already there along with some other people… apparently the trailer  hit pyan’s car from the side (pyan was driving on the fast lane)… suspected that the trailer driver dozed off. after the initial hit..pyan hit the divider before hitting the trailer’s side yet again..sending him spinning a couple of times before crashing into the divider and got stuck there for good. he managed to climb out of the window and ran away from the car..afraid that it might exploded and straight away called me. parts of his car was all over the road… and a bike ran over one of it.. causing another accident. the guy was ok… but his sister and daughter was injured pretty bad… an army truck stopped by and drove them to the hospital for treatment… at the same time the bike guy told pyan he got no license and begged pyan to exclude events involving him in the report…and then  he left

we got whatever we could from his car.. went to the tapah police station and spent another  90 minutes there to lodge a report, made a few calls and settle all the necessary stuff

… thank goodness pyan was ok but since now he got into an accident .. he had to ask for emergency leave from his office and he managed to be there the very next day to watch the final match against St Michael….. it was a mixed feelings… we were obviously shocked and sad about the accident and the car… but at the same time we were happy hes ok and that he got to stay longer and support the boys…lol

we arrived at giant’s place a bit late due to the incident… and we filled him in on what happened when we stopped at the taiping train station for something to drink… we checked into a hotel about 2am and went to bed… waking up a few hours later for the final match …



  1. hmm…

    i dont know what to write in here…

  2. Haha how bout…look at my poor car!! Sedey…kekeke

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