MSSPK 2009: Third Day – SMI vs MCKK

February 25, 2009

… this time it was our turn to be part of the first match… they were saving the final match for 1st and 2nd placing teams… ACS vs Sam Tet.  The match was supposed to start at 730… but knowing koleq’s track record with time management… we tried to swap so we could do the 2nd match instead.. but failed since they wanted the final match between the other 2 schools. they agreed to delay the match to about 8 after we argued further..distance la… prayers la..bla bla bla

before we left the stadium the day before we had ask Cikgu Syed whether we could be here earlier on Friday… the boys were planning to get a move on before 6 and had their subuh prayers at the surau next to the complex. as you might have guessed the awesomest teacher in charge opposed the idea and insisted they could make it in time….in the end they left closer to 7 and reached there about 8.  the boys barely had any time for warm ups ….they got there… quick change, warm up and already in the pool 15 minutes later.

match started about 8:30…things were looking good for us..plus we already knew we would win this… although we couldve scored a lot more… strangely the match was pretty even.. i was not sure what went wrong.. even though we still won…

the boys were pretty surprised and glad to see pyan and giant there for support. pyan had to wear his jeans to conceal the bruises from last night incident and we decided not to tell the boys until later. since the match was pretty even.. we decided to play it safe this time… more into defense… and countering… since the scoring was too close… not everyone got their fair share of time in the match…we didnt want to take any chances….however we managed to let everyone contributed and play… even for a while….


1st Quarter:  MCKK 2 – SMI 0

2nd Quarter: MCKK 3 – SMI 2

3rd Quarter: MCKK 4 – SMI 2

4th Quarter: MCKK 5 – SMI 3

Goals were contributed by Bidin, Aiman, Aiman, Bidin, Bond. there were a lot more tries but most of them failed. but yes.. we managed to secure 3rd spot as expected. after the match the boys did a ‘bung wak’ which i forgot to record using my camera… sorry lol. so the boys managed to prove batch 08 wrong…they actually did better than the previous years…even though they failed to get 2nd spot.

after the match sheikh and aiman were asked to be the linesmen. while the rest of us watched the final match with real interest… especially the boys…who were gawking at the skills shown by the ACS players….haha. for the final match… each of the players were introduced officially by the organizer before the match began and it ended up with the following scores…

ACS beat Sam Tet 36 – 0

so yeah.. we were the only team that managed to keep ACS from scoring less than 30. thanks to our great defense players and keeper….

After the match… there was the state tryouts… where the present boys will have to take turns and be in a match against the current senior player of the perak team. this was another time when Cikgu Syed displayed another one on his non committed unprofessional decision for everyone to laugh at….. at about 1130am..during the tryouts… the organizers announced it using the speakers…

” okay…attention MCKK players… all of you can now go and prepare for your prayers…”

and we saw the ‘cikgu’ walked slowly leavin the pool..i was not sure why..perhaps he didn’t want to risk confrontations and objections from us right there and then. even though we hate to.. we had to pull the boys out… i was so furious… but managed to calm myself like the rest…

(who were also calming themselves by the stupid move made by cikgu syed)

we decided not to confront him there and make a scene in front of every one… but i have to say it again..that was the stupidest decision made by that teacher by far…. macam lah takde masjid kat ipoh nak sembahyan jumaat.  never before potential students were pulled out of the state tryouts at 11:30am mind you..for ‘prayers’. OH MY GOD… that just shows the level of commitment he has been giving towards the boys.

he was not there at the pool later that evening… and i had to send the sms to him to tell him what i really felt about him..(which i believed most of you got to read also). if this is the same teacher in charge  for next year… i dont know what is going to happen… we seriously need to do something guys…until now there was no response from him… i was actually waiting for him to reply or better yet if he actually calls me to seek ‘clarification’ on my remarks… but nope..so far nada… nothing…sigh…but it was really an awful ending to the tournament…considering the boys just won koleq 3rd placing….


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