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Final trip before MSSPK

February 9, 2009

WOW…i am not sure whether i had the gift of foresight or good instincts…but its hell of a luck that i decided to drive up to koleq even without the presence of any donations (have been really lucky personally except for this part)….

a few minutes after i managed to get the pool gates to be opened… (get this… now we cant even get the keys from the guards… the guards will come and open the gates for us…and later close it back once we are done… which is the new instructions from u-know-who.  ok im gonna touch on this real quick… if once after the boys have received their bronze medal certs officially the koleq admin still requires a teacher to be present… i honestly think we should write officially to mcoba, pibg and koleq admin… and perhaps pursue legal action… its really bad faith on their part… they have got us to spend our hardearned money..which has reached the thousands… even counting the one coming out from my own wallet….with the promise of giving the boys access to the pool…if they never said that…then we wouldnt have to start this project at all…because the end result is the same… the boys still wont get the time they need to me overreacting but i hate people who dont keep their promises)


ok now back to the report…once i got there… the new ustaz came by and told me they received  a fax a day before…saying the MSSPK data has been changed. originally it has been planned for 16th-18th of february… and now its gonna be on 11th-13th of FEBRUARY which will be LESS THAN 48 HOURS from the time i am writing this……why everyone cant stick to their original decisions is beyond me…really!!!!

after reeling from the shock… (even the boys were ternganga about the news).. we quickly got back to business…. we decided to do away with jeda this time..cut it short to 10 laps in 5 minutes. originally its at least 20 laps in 12 minutes ( bronze medal 20 laps in 14).  first time around…3 of the didnt make it.  we continued with shooting practice and then a game..since the purpose of this trip is giving the boys more time to practice and work together during game mode… find out who can play with who the best…that kind of thing….


training was conducted mostly by Giant 98 (yes we finally met.. and we spent quite some time hunting for a shorts for him LMAO). we did skirmishes and overloading… basically to strengthen defense and the offense players sprinting, ball handling, breaking and shooting.  tried various combinations… hence the ‘overloading’….example 2 vs 3, 3 vs 2, 2 vs 2 and so on…. then we continued with a game.

at night.. as planned… we did a meet at 1030pm for about 45 mins where giant shared some defense tips amongst other stories… and also we got the list of players with their best positions on paper.


training started at 9am after inspection and went on until about 1230.  we did and focused basically on similar things but added a fe wmore variations to adding the number of players during the overloading 4 vs 3… 5 vs 4… skirmishes were also fun… one side focusing on defense strategies while another side focusing more on offensive.

the boys decided to cut their towning even shorter and continue with training in the evening at about 515 sampai ustaz lateb hon.. we did shooting and a match. i cancelled the meet that night because i thought they needed a good rest and let them sleep a bit early that night..still got training the next morning. gila penat!!!


Aiman sms’ed me and said hes not feeling well… think he overworked himself during training… puked several times and sakit badan (haha ganas betul training). but he did show a lot more spirit during the sessions compared to the rest.. maybe because hes the captain so kena laa jadi role model…kan?

about on hour into the training.. shuk 06 showed up and joined us… so he shared several tips based on his experience and then we continued with shooting and a game whic includes both shuk and i. obviously kitorang pancit gila but our defense were really good to cover for our lack of stamina to swim back down after a strike…unlike the opposite team… LOL

training ended about 1215 with  a group discussion session. i had to rush back as i had to work at 5pm…tak sempat pun nak pegi lunch with shuk.. but i would say we have done what we could… given the circumstances… and i wish them all best of luck in the next few days..

all in all… they got a solid 10 hours in the pool and about 2 hours outside to discuss on things. hopefully this will help them… kalau dapat corot jugak tak tau lah nak cakap apa….i shudder to think how they would do without these training sessions…

SPECIAL THANKS to Giant 98 and Shuk 06 for showing up and sharing their experiences with the boys… if this project turns out to be successfull we should all meet one day and celebrate… and if the boys did not perform… they should belanja all of us… kan?