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Breaking the silence

September 14, 2009

Dear OBs and PBs…

How are you guys doing? Hopefully everyone is doing well and fine.

We are all well aware that Ramadhan month is a month of ‘pause’ for the sharks..for generations in fact. Hopefully the PBs can maintain their stamina after celebrating Hari Raya – which is obviously difficult. For the OBs, guys please go easy on the rendangs and lemangs, because we have been challenged to a match by the PBs…and we shall give them the humiliation they deserve. Hahaha….(more on that in a short while)

So far, from the OBs – we  received text messages from Hakim and Aiman. Thumbs up to JD for forwarding the messages to Pian, Giant and myself. Its good to hear that training is not a major issue to you guys as before. We tried our best to get you guys in the pool, so anything apart from that will have to come in next year. Sorry bros. I admit that the challenges coming from Koleq  admin  can be frustrating, but its nothing new. In fact we have been doing the same thing even back in the good old days. The countless trips to PKHEM, HM, etc – was necessary to prove to Koleq that we were different than our predecessors.

Any ways, that story has been told and retold, so I’m not going to repeat it.

News on the OBs…

Giant has volunteered to visit the present boys some time after raya. I’ll try to squeeze it into my schedule, but can’t confirm my attendance on that. No news from Pyan or JD on this yet. Will let them know asap.

By the way guys, the PBS are desperate to show their skills to us. Apparently they have been training vigorously – not to beat other schools but to beat us!

Well that’s not too bad. Beating the OBs are always the first step. You can’t beat other schools if you can’t beat the OBs. That’s the rule. Anyone who can make it please leave your comment at this post.

News on the PBs…

F1 & F2 recruitment was a success. The OBs have yet to see the new talents and faces. Hopefully the introductions can be made before their school holidays. That way we can start from a good footing next year and hopefully be Perak Champ…(not Perak Chimps)…

Look forward to hear from you guys.

My 2 friggin’ cents.