MSSPK 2010

February 8, 2010

OBs – Pyan, JD, Giant and myself.

We made two trips to Koleq, both in the month of January.

1. The PBs received intense training from the 4 OBs. Apparently the team needs plenty of training and with such short time (again) the OBs can only supervise. Some of the training were done on pool grounds since the swimming pool was out of order for 1 day. None the less the remaining 3 days were conducted in the pool.

2. Waterpolo MSSPK 2010 is cancelled. Despite of our efforts to upskill the PBs they are now stranded and left hanging. Their goals now would be MSSPK swimming tournament, Bronze Medal, MCOBA weekend, some friendlies and Perak Open. Note: MCOBA weekend 2010 would be an extra match featuring our newest OB members – batch 2009 to fight agains the PBs. This agenda is still in discussion.

3. Since the pool needs repairs and the PBs can’t use them as they require, Koleq has granted access to Kuala Kangsar pool. Unfortunately, they might need to pay every time they enter the public pool.

4. Also, in KK Pool it seems that our beloved PKHEM aka Cikgu Roslan is offering swimming classes to students with a monthly payment of RM100 per head. How sweet.

I quote from an sms i received from JD.

“….I’m speechless….”

So am I….even more in fact.

Any who, the goal posts are looking very nasty. We had a case of one F4 who decided to headbutt one of the rusty goal post and had a minor bleed. No biggy. He was sent straight to the hospital by Giant and received an MC the next day. First day of training, got injured and receiving MC? how lucky….

JD suggested that we find out the price for a new goal from a nearby steel manufacturer. So suggestions and donations are open. Please contact your respective rep or contact us directly. Updates will be here…of course.

As for those who has FB, please add – huddin@gmail.com

my 2 rupees



  1. hye there..sorry to hear bout msspk..unlucky for them..btw,bout da goal post..i thnk it’s time to buy a proper goal post..which is tournament standard..this is to prepare da boys with da actual size like in ipoh..as for the MCOBA weekend,apparently my batch is not dat sure we can come..cos we r still newly graduate from koleq..it’s kinda awkward..but would be nice if u can confirm bout da match between ’09 n da rest of old boys as soon as possible..looking forward for da match..hope to see u guys again..

  2. heheh…insyaallah ktorang datang this OBW..
    sme org mcm setuju je…(aiman,telor,sheikh,nene,maram and me)mondok maybe xleh join due to his health probs..
    so jumpe lagi this OBW…

  3. meor pown jadi gak…

  4. batch 2009 agaist PBs??
    ke batch 2009 against batch 1998??ahah…

  5. knock knock. anybody home?

    • yes we are still here..lol

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