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MSSPK 2010

February 8, 2010

OBs – Pyan, JD, Giant and myself.

We made two trips to Koleq, both in the month of January.

1. The PBs received intense training from the 4 OBs. Apparently the team needs plenty of training and with such short time (again) the OBs can only supervise. Some of the training were done on pool grounds since the swimming pool was out of order for 1 day. None the less the remaining 3 days were conducted in the pool.

2. Waterpolo MSSPK 2010 is cancelled. Despite of our efforts to upskill the PBs they are now stranded and left hanging. Their goals now would be MSSPK swimming tournament, Bronze Medal, MCOBA weekend, some friendlies and Perak Open. Note: MCOBA weekend 2010 would be an extra match featuring our newest OB members – batch 2009 to fight agains the PBs. This agenda is still in discussion.

3. Since the pool needs repairs and the PBs can’t use them as they require, Koleq has granted access to Kuala Kangsar pool. Unfortunately, they might need to pay every time they enter the public pool.

4. Also, in KK Pool it seems that our beloved PKHEM aka Cikgu Roslan is offering swimming classes to students with a monthly payment of RM100 per head. How sweet.

I quote from an sms i received from JD.

“….I’m speechless….”

So am I….even more in fact.

Any who, the goal posts are looking very nasty. We had a case of one F4 who decided to headbutt one of the rusty goal post and had a minor bleed. No biggy. He was sent straight to the hospital by Giant and received an MC the next day. First day of training, got injured and receiving MC? how lucky….

JD suggested that we find out the price for a new goal from a nearby steel manufacturer. So suggestions and donations are open. Please contact your respective rep or contact us directly. Updates will be here…of course.

As for those who has FB, please add –

my 2 rupees


Breaking the silence

September 14, 2009

Dear OBs and PBs…

How are you guys doing? Hopefully everyone is doing well and fine.

We are all well aware that Ramadhan month is a month of ‘pause’ for the sharks..for generations in fact. Hopefully the PBs can maintain their stamina after celebrating Hari Raya – which is obviously difficult. For the OBs, guys please go easy on the rendangs and lemangs, because we have been challenged to a match by the PBs…and we shall give them the humiliation they deserve. Hahaha….(more on that in a short while)

So far, from the OBs – we  received text messages from Hakim and Aiman. Thumbs up to JD for forwarding the messages to Pian, Giant and myself. Its good to hear that training is not a major issue to you guys as before. We tried our best to get you guys in the pool, so anything apart from that will have to come in next year. Sorry bros. I admit that the challenges coming from Koleq  admin  can be frustrating, but its nothing new. In fact we have been doing the same thing even back in the good old days. The countless trips to PKHEM, HM, etc – was necessary to prove to Koleq that we were different than our predecessors.

Any ways, that story has been told and retold, so I’m not going to repeat it.

News on the OBs…

Giant has volunteered to visit the present boys some time after raya. I’ll try to squeeze it into my schedule, but can’t confirm my attendance on that. No news from Pyan or JD on this yet. Will let them know asap.

By the way guys, the PBS are desperate to show their skills to us. Apparently they have been training vigorously – not to beat other schools but to beat us!

Well that’s not too bad. Beating the OBs are always the first step. You can’t beat other schools if you can’t beat the OBs. That’s the rule. Anyone who can make it please leave your comment at this post.

News on the PBs…

F1 & F2 recruitment was a success. The OBs have yet to see the new talents and faces. Hopefully the introductions can be made before their school holidays. That way we can start from a good footing next year and hopefully be Perak Champ…(not Perak Chimps)…

Look forward to hear from you guys.

My 2 friggin’ cents.


MSSM 2009

March 3, 2009

Acara: MSSM 2009

Lokasi: Shah Alam, Selangor

Tarikh: 17 – 20 Mac 2009

sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa dua pelajar kolej melayu kuala kangsar telah terpilih untuk mengikuti latihan pusat peringkat negeri perak darul ridzuan bagi sukan polo air tahun 2009. latihan akan bermula pada hari selasa, 3 mac 2009 pada sebelah petang. mereka ialah:

Abdul Hakim b. Ghazali

Sheikh Ahmad Faiz b. Ismail

setelah perbincangan diadakan…pihak pengurusan daerah kuala kangsar akan terlibat secara lansung untuk menguruskan hal ehwal pengangkutan dan penginapan kedua dua pelajar di atas.  mereka juga telah mendapat kebenaran untuk tidak hadir ke  sesi peperiksaan yang sedang dijalankan sekarang dan beberapa kertas matapelajaran akan ditangguhkan bagi mereka berdua.

terima kasih diucapkan kepada pihak pengurusan kolej melayu kerana prihatin dengan pelajar terbabit….terutama cikgu roslan..yang dengan segera menghubungi pihak pengurusan daerah untuk pengesahan dan perbincangan lanjut…setelah mendapat maklumat tidak rasmi bahwa dua pelajar ini telah terpilih untuk menyertai latihan pusat.

mereka berdua akan diuruskan oleh encik salleh, selaku wakil pihak pengurusan daerah kuala kangsar. mereka akan bertolak ke ipoh petang ini… dan bermalam di sana. kerana selain daripada latihan pada petang ini..latihan juga akan diadakan pagi esok dan petang esok. latihan akan berjalan selama seminggu.  mereka akan pulang ke kuala kangsar dan hanya akan kembali ke ipoh petang khamis kerana tiada latihan akan dijalankan pada waktu pagi hari tersebut. maklumat lanjut akan diberitahu kemudian 🙂

…..mengenai MSSM 2009, kemungkinan besar ia akan diadakan di pusat akuatik darul ehsan (P.A.D.E), seksyen 13, shah alam. mengikut maklumat yang diterima sekarang…terdapat sedikit percanggahan berkenaan dengan tarikh di mana ia akan diadakan…jika mengikut kalendar yang penulis perolehi… ia akan bermula pada 14 haribulan..tetapi menurut maklumat dari pihak lain… ia akan bermula pada 16 haribulan. diharap hakim atau sheikh akan dapat mengesahkan tarikh sebenar tidak lama lagi.

penulis secara peribadi akan cuba untuk menghadiri acara ini… mengikut sumber yang diterima..seramai 20 pelajar telah dipilih…dan hanya 13 akan berjaya di pilih untuk mewakili perak untuk MSSM tahun ini. semoga kedua dua wakil MC Sharks 2009 akan dipilih untuk menyertai pasukan perak. diharap para pembaca juga akan dapat menghadirkan diri untuk memberi sokongan moral dan memeriahkan acara majlis nanti.

semua di jemput hadir.

maklumat lanjut akan di beritahu kemudian.

sekian terima kasih! 🙂


What’s cookin’, What’s comin’… & Payin’ it forward

March 3, 2009

Quite a few things has happened…i will try my best to update everyone the best that i can…. firstly i would like to thank the current Anchovies team for their commitment to the project…. starting from the very first day their leader came up to us and asked for our help (time OBW 08), then during the Bronze medallion period…then all the way until MSSPK 09.  Though the outcome was not exactly what was envisioned by us about a year ago… still they managed to pull through despite all of the obstacles along the way (which was definitely a lot more that what we had to handle during our years)…and for that each and every single one of them…listed below….deserves a praise from us.


* pic of Anchovies Saif (MC Sharks 2009 #10) is not available..he was not present when these were taken..will take one and update later when i get a chance

After the old boys left koleq on friday evening (feb 13th)…i have sent an sms to cikgu syed…which i believed most of you got to read…expressing my dissapointment with the level of commitment shown by teacher in charge and also koleq admin towards the squad (which i believed was shared by pyan and giant..perhaps all of you if you guys were present to witness the events).  originally we were hoping to talk face to face with cikgu syed but he was not present at the pool that evening…and confronting him publicly earlier at the DBI complex was not a good idea….so an sms will have to do. until today i have never got any response from cikgu syed.

the very next day..things were looking up for the boys. they had to attend school as replacement for the long CNY break… and their achievements at the MSPPK tournament was announced during the assembly. It was also announced that there would be a special dinner that night for the Water polo squad together with the rugby team.  finally…the boys are getting some kind of recognition for their hard work for the past few months.  Couldn’t remember what was the exact menu for that night (obviously it was better than what dining hall usually conjured up for them)….i think it was chicken chop, some kind of fish dish with fried rice…amongst other things.

Come monday morning the squad’s achievement was mentioned again during the assembly. i guess the boys must have been happy with the limelight they were getting. with all the publicity given to them..we believed this would be the right time to recruit new members… namely the new f4s, f3s and even f2s.  response were amazing…especially from the f3s.  throughout the week… 2 f4s and 1 f3 have been identified as possible candidates for the new line up.  the f5’s has divided the tasks amongst themselves…. some are responsible to coach the f2 and f3s, some are responsible to train the current f4 team.  they claimed that each of them bought their own whistles…hahah…not sure whether its true or not..anchovies… if any of you are reading this… care to confirm this? kudos to the f5s for their willingness to recruit and train their juniors… its tim for them to pay it forward…and pass on our support for them to their juniors… 🙂

speaking of F4s…. there were talks that saif was planning to quit the team… but until today he still shows up during the training session… i guess he had changed his mind or some of the boys might have talked him out of it… (perhaps john?…they seemed pretty close). there was also a meeting amongst the f4s to discuss their leadership and preparation for next year. apparently after this meeting was over…bond, f4 captain, has decided to quit the team (we are still not sure what really happened and are unable to contact him and hear his side of the story..will update later). so for the time being pojie has been elected as the new leader until the official lineup has been set up. pojie has been liasing with koleq admin and cikgu syed since then with the support of the rest of his batchmates…f5’s are slowly letting go part of their former responsibilities…somekind of  power transition is happening here i guess…hahah

i have advised the boys to currently focus on recruiting and bonding efforts with the new fishies… especially the new f4s and f3s. they should not start any type of hard training  but instead secure the commitment and interest of the new guys first. otherwise they might quit along the way.  the earliest time for an official training should start in my opinion would be in april…plus currently they are having their exams and there will be a weeklong break after that.

listed below are events on our calendar throughout this year…depending on koleq admins commitment and cooperation, our efforts and mcoba’s support. we can only do so much without  support from koleq admin and mcoba…we are no superheroes…obviously…


MSSM tournament (march)

MCOBA weekend (april)

Piala SAS (june)

Bronze medal/Bronze cross (tentative)

Perak Open (october)

Friendly matches (tentative)

*MCOBA weekend will be from apr 17th..based on the info that i have currently…. i have checked my schedule..might not be able to make it…there is only a slight possibility for me to be there though…will try my best and update you guys

*Piala Sultan Azlan Shah is only a possibility… according to perak coach…this will be the first time they are trying to organize this… so decisions are still being made… they might raise the age limit from 18 to 20..or even 22 max.  perak coach has also confirmed that the ipoh SBP.. STAR has contacted him on the possibility of training their swim/water polo squad for next year. so we might have another team competing from now on guys.. 5 instead of 4… ( “YOU HAVE A NEW CHALLENGER…PRESS START” ) hahah

*bronze medal and bronze cross depends on sponsorship from MCOBA

*friendly matches with VI or Penang Free would be nice….perhaps some of you would like to lend a hand in making this a reality.

Oh…i almost forgot… the boys might get a new teacher in charge of the swimming and water polo squad. words going around that the sms which was sent to cikgu syed has been going around and highlighted to koleq admin. cikgu syed might resign from being the teacher in charge. Ustaz azhari is now covering his slots to open the pool on mondays and wednesdays.  cikgu roslan has also asked the boys about what was mentioned in the sms.  let us pray that cikgu syed will really make way for a more capable teacher to assist the team in reaching their true potentials….. daripada not commited and getting in the way of their growth… baik resign and ask another teacher to take over…tak gitu? i refuse to believe there is no other teacher in koleq who cant take up this responsibility… the boys have shown their commitment and definitely have potential…they just need a committed teacher in charge to support them in the formalities… if we can drive up to koleq even from singapore even…just to open the pool gates… why cant they do it…most of the teachers are staying right there…BEHIND THE POOL COMPLEX !!! sigh… i miss tan gim hoe… i guess we will have to wait and see what happens…..


MSSPK 2009: Third Day – SMI vs MCKK

February 25, 2009

… this time it was our turn to be part of the first match… they were saving the final match for 1st and 2nd placing teams… ACS vs Sam Tet.  The match was supposed to start at 730… but knowing koleq’s track record with time management… we tried to swap so we could do the 2nd match instead.. but failed since they wanted the final match between the other 2 schools. they agreed to delay the match to about 8 after we argued further..distance la… prayers la..bla bla bla

before we left the stadium the day before we had ask Cikgu Syed whether we could be here earlier on Friday… the boys were planning to get a move on before 6 and had their subuh prayers at the surau next to the complex. as you might have guessed the awesomest teacher in charge opposed the idea and insisted they could make it in time….in the end they left closer to 7 and reached there about 8.  the boys barely had any time for warm ups ….they got there… quick change, warm up and already in the pool 15 minutes later.

match started about 8:30…things were looking good for we already knew we would win this… although we couldve scored a lot more… strangely the match was pretty even.. i was not sure what went wrong.. even though we still won…

the boys were pretty surprised and glad to see pyan and giant there for support. pyan had to wear his jeans to conceal the bruises from last night incident and we decided not to tell the boys until later. since the match was pretty even.. we decided to play it safe this time… more into defense… and countering… since the scoring was too close… not everyone got their fair share of time in the match…we didnt want to take any chances….however we managed to let everyone contributed and play… even for a while….


1st Quarter:  MCKK 2 – SMI 0

2nd Quarter: MCKK 3 – SMI 2

3rd Quarter: MCKK 4 – SMI 2

4th Quarter: MCKK 5 – SMI 3

Goals were contributed by Bidin, Aiman, Aiman, Bidin, Bond. there were a lot more tries but most of them failed. but yes.. we managed to secure 3rd spot as expected. after the match the boys did a ‘bung wak’ which i forgot to record using my camera… sorry lol. so the boys managed to prove batch 08 wrong…they actually did better than the previous years…even though they failed to get 2nd spot.

after the match sheikh and aiman were asked to be the linesmen. while the rest of us watched the final match with real interest… especially the boys…who were gawking at the skills shown by the ACS players….haha. for the final match… each of the players were introduced officially by the organizer before the match began and it ended up with the following scores…

ACS beat Sam Tet 36 – 0

so yeah.. we were the only team that managed to keep ACS from scoring less than 30. thanks to our great defense players and keeper….

After the match… there was the state tryouts… where the present boys will have to take turns and be in a match against the current senior player of the perak team. this was another time when Cikgu Syed displayed another one on his non committed unprofessional decision for everyone to laugh at….. at about 1130am..during the tryouts… the organizers announced it using the speakers…

” okay…attention MCKK players… all of you can now go and prepare for your prayers…”

and we saw the ‘cikgu’ walked slowly leavin the pool..i was not sure why..perhaps he didn’t want to risk confrontations and objections from us right there and then. even though we hate to.. we had to pull the boys out… i was so furious… but managed to calm myself like the rest…

(who were also calming themselves by the stupid move made by cikgu syed)

we decided not to confront him there and make a scene in front of every one… but i have to say it again..that was the stupidest decision made by that teacher by far…. macam lah takde masjid kat ipoh nak sembahyan jumaat.  never before potential students were pulled out of the state tryouts at 11:30am mind you..for ‘prayers’. OH MY GOD… that just shows the level of commitment he has been giving towards the boys.

he was not there at the pool later that evening… and i had to send the sms to him to tell him what i really felt about him..(which i believed most of you got to read also). if this is the same teacher in charge  for next year… i dont know what is going to happen… we seriously need to do something guys…until now there was no response from him… i was actually waiting for him to reply or better yet if he actually calls me to seek ‘clarification’ on my remarks… but far nada… nothing…sigh…but it was really an awful ending to the tournament…considering the boys just won koleq 3rd placing….


MSSPK 2009: Second Day – The Car Accident

February 18, 2009

after the celebration at the swimming pool that evening… pyan headed back to KL while cha’in and i were supposed to go straight to something while waiting for giant to finish work and then all of us would drive back to ipoh after that

…but i lost one of my contact lens while swimming in the pool… so cha’in and i had to drive back to ipoh first and get  a new pair inside my car that was parked in front of the mcdonalds. when my vision was properly corrected… we were gonna head back to taiping… but there were several roadblocks.. one of them was directly in front of the kinta city.. causing massive jams since no movement was possible… thanks to the police…

about an hour later…(cars had begun honkin about half an hour before… several cars containing BN VIPs cruised by us… each with a pack of their own escorts… kalah queen elizabeth… the honks got even louder… it was crazy…

and in the middle of all this unnecessary setback.. i got a call from pyan. he told me he got into an accident with a trailer that ran away after that… and hes stranded somewhere along the highway with his car totally damaged…he said he was okay and we needed us to come get him since nobody was there yet and it was really dark… unfortunately due to the stupid roadblock… we could only get to him whos in between kampar and tapah about an hour later.

when we got there… the tow truck was already there along with some other people… apparently the trailer  hit pyan’s car from the side (pyan was driving on the fast lane)… suspected that the trailer driver dozed off. after the initial hit..pyan hit the divider before hitting the trailer’s side yet again..sending him spinning a couple of times before crashing into the divider and got stuck there for good. he managed to climb out of the window and ran away from the car..afraid that it might exploded and straight away called me. parts of his car was all over the road… and a bike ran over one of it.. causing another accident. the guy was ok… but his sister and daughter was injured pretty bad… an army truck stopped by and drove them to the hospital for treatment… at the same time the bike guy told pyan he got no license and begged pyan to exclude events involving him in the report…and then  he left

we got whatever we could from his car.. went to the tapah police station and spent another  90 minutes there to lodge a report, made a few calls and settle all the necessary stuff

… thank goodness pyan was ok but since now he got into an accident .. he had to ask for emergency leave from his office and he managed to be there the very next day to watch the final match against St Michael….. it was a mixed feelings… we were obviously shocked and sad about the accident and the car… but at the same time we were happy hes ok and that he got to stay longer and support the boys…lol

we arrived at giant’s place a bit late due to the incident… and we filled him in on what happened when we stopped at the taiping train station for something to drink… we checked into a hotel about 2am and went to bed… waking up a few hours later for the final match …


MSSPK 2009: Second Day – The Birthday, Celebration and Farewell

February 18, 2009

since the boys were so down after losing to sam tet… we decided we had to do something for damage control… we were afraid that if they continue with this negative energy they would also lose against St Michael when they obviously can win easily.  coincidentally it was Nene’s bday that day ( i know… what a sucky memory ..lost to sam tet on your bday) so we decided to do a celebration… Nene’s bday, the star player…congrats and thank you for the rest of the team for their commitment to the project  and farewell event to Pyan, who had to drive back to kl that night and get on a bus back to singapore on friday morning.

we figured this will lighten their mood and assured that they win against st michael on friday…. and i think it worked out well…. Cha’in (non polo player frm batch 98) showed up in ipoh and joined us  starting from that evening onwards… for moral support…