MSSPK 2009: Second Day – Sam Tet vs MCKK

February 18, 2009

we met with cikgu syed the evening after the first match…he’s going to accompany the boys from that moment on as Ustaz Azhari had to go to Johor for some other events for the rest of the week. as soon as he found out that we were going to be the 2nd match for the day… first match being ACS vs SMI..he went ” oh baguslah… maksudnya boleh la kita datang lambat sikit… dalam pukul 9 ke…

we were like “OMG !!! err hello.. teacher in charge… dont u think you should all come early and watch the match..would be a good time for the boys to get some experience watching others play…in stead of planning to come late and go for morning assembly? ” macam lah hari lain takde assembly…sultan perak datang ke time assembly yang sampai tak boleh miss tu?

so we opposed the idea and tried to get him to change his mind and come earlier but still there was no guarantee. When we got to the pool that morning… the boys were not there… as expected… the game was about to start…  ACS vs SMI… ACS were fooling around from the get go… each quarter they actually went to swim for the ball using BUTTERFLY and got it !!!! we were speechless…lol… anyways… come third quarter there was still no sign of the MCKK squad… and the organizers started asking questions on their whereabout… we were not sure what to tell em… except that they’re almost here… takkan nak cakap ” err..maaf diorang lambat sebab kena pegi assembly dulu”  and make me look like an idiot? i dont think so… this was the part that ACS took TWO TIMEOUTS on purpose to buy some time for MCKK. i have never felt so embarrassed in my life.  almost at the end of the 3rd quarter they finally arrived….straight away warm themselves up and prepare for the game…but get this.. as soon as the bus stopped in front of the complex and the boys were rushing getting down from the buy… what did our beloved cikgu syed do?  ” OK..saya pergi breakfast dulu ya…” and off he went to the stalls… can u guys believe this? if this was japanese manga… this would be the part when everybody falls down with their feet up in the air…. Pyan and i were totally speechless…unacceptable! patutnya teacher in charge pegi jumpa organizer dulu ke… cakap apa yang patut…. aduuuuuhhhhh

anyways… the outcome of the first match was as follows…

ACS defeated St Michael 39 – 0

the boys mood was definitely more upbeat than the previous day… we have advised everybody especially Pojie  (which is like Pyan during our time…slalu buat lawak bangang to lighten the mood)  to keep the squad’s morale high during the bus trip… and not to allow anyone to doze off.. seemed like it did the trick. the boys were eager to start the match. at this point Pyan and 1 honestly believed our chance to defeat Sam Tet was 50-50. We also advised Hakim the evening before that to make sure he got the first ball to boost the morale of the team. We also told the squad to try their best to score the first goal to further boost their moral and lower their opponents.

when the match finally kicked off.. Hakim did get the first ball causing the crowd to go OOOOHHHHH really loud…unfortunately we didnt manage to score the first goal. but this was the best match in the entire tournament. hands down. you could see the faces of everyone present during the entire game… even the organizers were jumping around during certain events throughout the game. but you know… unfortunately we lost..despite the boys trying their very best.. by the 4th quarter the boys were so winded and when the Sam Tet’s lead was stretched from 3 to 4…that was the final nail on the coffin…in case we didnt tell you… from our observation since we started this project.. the F5 players mood swings are pretty intense… so it has been really hard to keep their morale up even during training if something happened… f4s has better control of their emotions and actions (which is not necessarily a good thing because we would never know how they actually feels and whether they have pushed above their limits or not)

1st Quarter:  Sam Tet 2 – MCKK 0

2nd Quarter: Sam Tet 3 – MCKK 2

3rd Quarter: Sam Tet 0 – MCKK 0

4th Quarter: Sam Tet 3 – MCKK 0

the goals were contributed by Hakim and Bidin ….. but the star player was obviously Nene yet again..superb goal keeping..he managed to keep both ACS and Sam Tet’s score a lot lower than it should…

As i mentioned before… the mood after the game was akward… most of the f5s started to cry..one by one. They had tried their best and yet they lost.. but all of us know it was not their fault..but rather koleq admin for not allowing them to train often.  both pyan and i were satisfied with the match even though we lost. we consider our money was worth spending on this squad.  cikgu syed was behaving akwardly also.. started talking to Pojie on future plans for the squad..we really do hope he will be a better teacher in charge in the future.. and support the boys in their passion for the game…


MSSPK 2009: First Day – ACS vs MCKK

February 17, 2009

the night before… pyan and 1 did a bet on the order of schools the boys were going to fight….i had a strong feeling that it was going to be the same with 1998…. acs then sam tet then st michael…long story short..i won the bet.. the order was EXACTLY THE SAME with ours… hahah.. so pyan… if you are reading this..you know you owe me kenny rogers lol.

anyways… there were 2 matches each day… first one started at 730 and 2nd one right after that.  First match was between sam tet and st michael. which gave us the opportunity to see how they played and prepared ourselves accordingly.

sam tet won 14 against st michael 3

when pyan and i saw the match.. we immediately knew we actually had a chance to beat both schools… confirmed against st michael and might be a 50-50 against sam tet.  so i was saying to myself..”was this going to be a repeat of 98? gosh i sure hope so” … lol

the boys arrived…accompanied by ustaz…. luckily WITH MONDOK… we were so relieved… quickly informed them they are going up against ACS in the first match…for some reason they believed ACS was not their main concern…because st michael was the strongest the year before… so pyan and i were really hoping they could actually defeat acs..something we weren’t able to do back in the days… if what they say is true… unfortunately… when the ACS players arrived.. we could tell how good they were by the looks on their face when they were watching the match between sam tet and st michael… when they were warming up … we knew for sure that they are going to be the hardest team to beat…

true enough… from the moment the match begun…the boys found themselves being shown by ACS how to actually play water polo… hahah.. even after the match ended ..they were still in shock over skills and techniques shown by ACS player…. totally above everyone else’s level… i guess they were brought back to the ground… they were feeling a bit invincible after all the training sessions… when they started… they could barely defeat the old boys who have been training them… and by the end of last year..they have improved so much… they could finally beat their F5s and us old boys.. so overconfidence is an understatement….


1st Quarter:     ACS 6  – MCKK 0

2nd Quarter:    ACS 7 – MCKK 0

3rd Quarter:     ACS 8 – MCKK 0

4th Quarter:     ACS 5 – MCKK 3

goals were scored by Pojie, Sheikh and Bidin

guess by the 4th quarter they were easing down and did not push as hard as the first 3 quarters… which enabled the boys to sumbat some goals…

it was definitely an eye opener match for the boys… by the end of the match… they already have a new idol.. ACS No 10… which was their scariest lookin star player…a direct disciple of the Perak coach himself (which we found out later on … current perak coach was from sam tet’s team that we fought in lumut.. he was F3 at the time). finally during games hours we gather at the pool, did some post mortem and pick ourselves up for the next day… the one with the most drama. heh


MSSPK 2009: The Day Before

February 17, 2009

…so i got back on sunday evening…straight to work..managed to scramble my off days again luckily… and i was all set to drive back to ipoh on that tuesday. Pyan called me…he’s arrived in malaysia… overnight bus from singapore….this time we decided to go seperately since he needed to get back to kl by thursday evening…since his shift started on friday evening in singapore…i went ahead before him in the morning…using the old trunk road… just cuz i feel like it..suprisingly it was not how it used to be… the trunk road mainly has been turned to a 4 lane street..which is pretty much like the PLUS highway without the toll..granted it took me about 1 hour more to arrive in ipoh… but i still managed to cancel my booking at the crappy rumah tumpangan and get back my deposit money… since pyan was joining me… we could split for a room at a better hotel.. hahah

Pyan arrived a few hours later… we left my car in front of the mcd next to the highway and made our way to the pool to see the boys before their big day tomorrow morning…we didnt do nuthin much that evening.. just foolin around mostly.. since we didnt want to make the boys feel exhausted… did some shooting and discussed some last minute tips and strategies… thats about it

at this point we figured out its just gonna be me, pyan and the boys.. the rest couldnt make it.. Danny boy said he’d be able to show up but you know how it is… lawyer la katakan… last2 sampai end of the tournament tak muncul2… PIIIIRAAAH !!! 😛 (dan u better make it up somehow)

so the final lineup was as follows:

Nene (keeper f5)

Meor, Mondok, Sheikh (defense f5)

Bidin, Aiman, Hakim (offense f5)

on rotations: Maram f5, Bond f4, Pojie aka Sarah f4, Nik f4, John f4,  Saif f4

2 f4s kidir and engku didnt make it into the lineup and failed to show up to the training since then.. rumor has it they were pretty upset with the decision…but Bond said they will return once the training for f4 officially started in the near future

oh…i forgot one most important drama… there was an incident involving the F5s and the F3s in the dining hall earlier in the week… and mondok was one of the ‘participants’…and because of that he got suspended from all extra curricular activities…which includes WATER POLO. can u guys imagine how we reacted when we arrived there at the pool that evening? so the boys spent the entire day trying to convince the teachers and koleq admin to cut mondok  some slack for the good of the Polo Squad…which includes some support letters, declarations of some sort and other shit.  still at the end of the day… no compromise has been agreed upon…koleq admin was to decide in the morning before they head off to ipoh… damn we were sleepless that night… we even had to made some backup plans just in case we had to settle with 12 instead of 13…. hahah..drama drama….little did we know that this is going to be one of the most eventful trips…. EVER !!!



February 9, 2009

Event: MSSPK

Date: 11th – 13th February 2009

Time: 730am onwards  (water polo)

200pm onwards ( swimming..Hakim will participate)

Hope you  guys can come down and show support to our precious Anchovies…..


Final trip before MSSPK

February 9, 2009

WOW…i am not sure whether i had the gift of foresight or good instincts…but its hell of a luck that i decided to drive up to koleq even without the presence of any donations (have been really lucky personally except for this part)….

a few minutes after i managed to get the pool gates to be opened… (get this… now we cant even get the keys from the guards… the guards will come and open the gates for us…and later close it back once we are done… which is the new instructions from u-know-who.  ok im gonna touch on this real quick… if once after the boys have received their bronze medal certs officially the koleq admin still requires a teacher to be present… i honestly think we should write officially to mcoba, pibg and koleq admin… and perhaps pursue legal action… its really bad faith on their part… they have got us to spend our hardearned money..which has reached the thousands… even counting the one coming out from my own wallet….with the promise of giving the boys access to the pool…if they never said that…then we wouldnt have to start this project at all…because the end result is the same… the boys still wont get the time they need to practice..call me overreacting but i hate people who dont keep their promises)


ok now back to the report…once i got there… the new ustaz came by and told me they received  a fax a day before…saying the MSSPK data has been changed. originally it has been planned for 16th-18th of february… and now its gonna be on 11th-13th of FEBRUARY which will be LESS THAN 48 HOURS from the time i am writing this……why everyone cant stick to their original decisions is beyond me…really!!!!

after reeling from the shock… (even the boys were ternganga about the news).. we quickly got back to business…. we decided to do away with jeda this time..cut it short to 10 laps in 5 minutes. originally its at least 20 laps in 12 minutes ( bronze medal 20 laps in 14).  first time around…3 of the didnt make it.  we continued with shooting practice and then a game..since the purpose of this trip is giving the boys more time to practice and work together during game mode… find out who can play with who the best…that kind of thing….


training was conducted mostly by Giant 98 (yes we finally met.. and we spent quite some time hunting for a shorts for him LMAO). we did skirmishes and overloading… basically to strengthen defense and the offense players sprinting, ball handling, breaking and shooting.  tried various combinations… hence the ‘overloading’….example 2 vs 3, 3 vs 2, 2 vs 2 and so on…. then we continued with a game.

at night.. as planned… we did a meet at 1030pm for about 45 mins where giant shared some defense tips amongst other stories… and also we got the list of players with their best positions on paper.


training started at 9am after inspection and went on until about 1230.  we did and focused basically on similar things but added a fe wmore variations to it..like adding the number of players during the overloading 4 vs 3… 5 vs 4… skirmishes were also fun… one side focusing on defense strategies while another side focusing more on offensive.

the boys decided to cut their towning even shorter and continue with training in the evening at about 515 sampai ustaz lateb hon.. we did shooting and a match. i cancelled the meet that night because i thought they needed a good rest and let them sleep a bit early that night..still got training the next morning. gila penat!!!


Aiman sms’ed me and said hes not feeling well… think he overworked himself during training… puked several times and sakit badan (haha ganas betul training). but he did show a lot more spirit during the sessions compared to the rest.. maybe because hes the captain so kena laa jadi role model…kan?

about on hour into the training.. shuk 06 showed up and joined us… so he shared several tips based on his experience and then we continued with shooting and a game whic includes both shuk and i. obviously kitorang pancit gila but our defense were really good to cover for our lack of stamina to swim back down after a strike…unlike the opposite team… LOL

training ended about 1215 with  a group discussion session. i had to rush back as i had to work at 5pm…tak sempat pun nak pegi lunch with shuk.. but i would say we have done what we could… given the circumstances… and i wish them all best of luck in the next few days..

all in all… they got a solid 10 hours in the pool and about 2 hours outside to discuss on things. hopefully this will help them… kalau dapat corot jugak tak tau lah nak cakap apa….i shudder to think how they would do without these training sessions…

SPECIAL THANKS to Giant 98 and Shuk 06 for showing up and sharing their experiences with the boys… if this project turns out to be successfull we should all meet one day and celebrate… and if the boys did not perform… they should belanja all of us… kan?


Proposed final training session before MSSPK

January 31, 2009

hi guys…. considering the boys have no access to the pool since september 08 after the bronze medal… they lost quite a lot of time to train their gameplay skills and strategies.

i’ve reserved leaves from work starting from thursday 5th until saturday 7th… so i can be there to open the gates and train the boys on gameplay and strategy if i can get you guys to sponsor part of the cost.

so if this trip materializes… training will be kamis and jumaat petang, a few hours on saturday (boys will have to cut short their towning for this week) and a few hours on sunday morning. i will head back to kl on sunday afternoon as i have to be at work by 5pm.  we will also try to organize meets at night during prep time to discuss on strategies. i will ask the boys to prepare the necessary letters once trip has been confirmed ( u know lah koleq admin and their admin crap)

For msspk… as i have informed faiz before.. i have confirmed leaves on sunday, tuesday and wednesday.  trying very hard to get leave on monday.  pyan cuti monday to wednesday… hopefuly he can make it back from s’pore without any last minute work related stuff planned by his boss. faiz also working on being there.

so yes… i will be going on my own this time.. if giant or shuk 06 free on any of these days… i will try and ask them to accompany me.

So yes… hopefully some of you can help me finance this one… kalau both of the coming trips pakai duit aku..kopak lah… dah le aku sacrifice my leaves and postpone my vacations several time already.  RM50 pun duit gak…huhu

sesaper yang terasa nak bagi angpow CNY..especially those yang baru join our cause recently… please bank in directly to any of my accounts below…

Jd’s Maybank    – 162076010055

Jd’s CIMB          – 14460004658526

pls do inform me afterwards… so i can credit you accordingly…(if you prefer not to be named..please say so also)

**random updates**

– faiz has submitted the budget proposal to mcoba ppl, hopefully they will agree to fund it for next year..

– now that we have managed to track  all schurxers 98 (giant and najib has been informed about this blog also)…hopefully you guys can contribute positively to this cause.. perhaps this coming MCOBA weekend we can all play together again….(patutnya last yeat..so it is long overdue)…personally i will be looking forward for more great things in the future 🙂

sadly we have yet to get pyans and nizars batch to join the fold. kalau ada nizar, jack, and the rest of pyans batch mesti best… haha


thank you for reading

– judin 98


Dates set: MSSPK 2009

January 28, 2009

Hi guys!

So yes…the dates has been set…hopefully most of you can be there to support the boys. Hmm…i’m skipping past everything… let’s rewind back to our last trip to koleq real quick.

…the original plan was to go meet the boys on Jan 21st n 22nd… but we found out that koleq has allowed them to leave for CNY break ( a whopping 10 day break) evening of the 22nd.. so we had to change the dates a bit. we ended up driving up on the 19th til 20th. sadly Giant was sent to Kulim on business matters so he had to pull out. we were so looking forward to meeting him and catch up after all these years 😦 oh well..mebbe next time…pyan drove his car..huddin and I tagged along this time

we stopped by the FRD Ipoh headquarters to see En Azmi..to pick up the letter personally so we could hand it to Cikgu Roslan when we get there. Personally still couldnt believe this matter is not settled yet…which caused a huge delay in our timetable..GRRRRRR. Anyways we apologized to En Azmi for the inconveniences caused but apparently he was suprised that this project got through this far in the first place. He said he knew this is not our fault nor the koleq admin..but rather from one person ..CIKGU ROSLAN !!! So he began sharing his story to us….

This would be the third time he had to deal with koleq regarding the Bronze Medal lifesaving course. both times things failed to materialized due to representatives from koleq was not ‘serious enough’ to pursue this. He explained to us an incident which upset him back then… Cikgu Roslan has asked him to come to koleq to discuss about this project and when he got there with one of his friends…. Roslan just refused  to play host and entertain them….instead he ignored them to a point where En Azmi was ready to leave and drive back to Ipoh..good thing his friend talked him out of it. apparently there was a soccer match that day and roslan said he wanted to see the match so the guys would have to wait…En Azmi understood this..but he was unsatisfied with the way he said it..i couldnt remember what happened next because i was so infuriated at hearing this..as one of the official representatives of koleq admin..Roslan should have known better and acted at the very least….like a decent host… jeez… what a shame

So we finally got the stupid letter and continued our journey to koleq. the boys we glad to see us….we could definitely see it. its been a few months since they had access to the pool (before fasting month started last year) and some of them has gained weight and definitely pancit dalam pool like we expected. but not as bad as we expected stamina wise. they improved a lot by the 2nd day. Roslan came to the pool to meet us, huddin did the talking…and yes.. he went back on his words AGAIN… now hes saying even though the boys passed their test ..he would still want a teacher to be there and open the pool during the training ( i dont know why am i even suprised… if he insists on this he shouldve told us earlier.. so we didnt have to waste all of our time and money for this project to get the guys bronze medals… thinking that they will get access to the pool once they have it… so can you imagine how we felt then? WHAT THE F**K ??!!!! he is so lucky we are not living in Texas or i wouldve personally used a shotgun to blow his head off and feed his remains to the armadillos…..anyways the boys got a different version of the story for us… saying Roslan promised that they could open the pool once they received their OFFICIAL CERTS…so we decided not to let the cats out of the bag  just yet.. we will see what hes going to say when the certs finally shows up…so we proceed to tackle the immediate issues first…

we got to meet Tuan Syed..(cikgu in charge) and he said hes going to open the pool 2 days a week for the boys….we even got to meet the new ustaz who has agreed to assist us in our cause. he’s willing to also be at the pool for the boys twice a week. 4 days is not enough considering the MSSPK is right in the corner so the boys are trying to get someone whos willing to open the pool for them during the weekends..including sunday mornings…keeping my fingers crossed they will find someone…

MSSPK Dates are as follows: 16th-18th of February

Venue: Kompleks Renang DBI, Ipoh

matches will be in the mornings while swim events will be in the afternoons. the dates set are a bit later that the ones for Penang and KL…but as long as we didnt miss the registration period i am relieved…lol

im trying to arrange my leave so i could be there during the tournament…so hopefully you guys can do the same and be there to watch them play 🙂

even though the delays has caused so much damage to the guys preparation.. i am still hoping they would perform better than us… they have so much potential..apparently lady luck is not with them 😦 ….still…. we are doing what we possibly can to assist them… personally because i plan to honor my word….when the boys asked for our support back then during MCOBA weekend…i have said yes…i would help them.. so until the fat lady sings….it is not over yet… i will do my best to assist them…sebanyak mana termampu lah…. after MSSPK ni….i am still willing to commit to this with proper funding from MCOBA and considerable cooperation from koleq admin….if not i consider i have done what i could…. yang mintak tolong pun batch 0509…so …we’ll see what happens

but seriously..something has to be done about Roslan……

Faiz is working to push a budget to MCOBA to fund our project…..huddin and i have done the budget and we will keep you guys updated…for the time being we will have to find other means to fund our project.

A big thanks to Pyan this time around for driving and his financial contributions… i am planning at least another trip before the MSSPK to assist the boys in any ways i can….they still need more experience in gameplay and techniques… stamina patut dah takde hal…. we are still looking for contributions.. so if any of you ada yang nak hulur2 please contact me directly…huddin might not join me since he is caught up in his business ventures..and other stuff…maybe once giant returned from Kulim he can join me….

will keep you guys updated….

thank you for reading


– JD Jamal